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The Holidays are hectic trying to shop for everyone one else, so myself and several other authors decided to get together and help make your Holiday brighter! To celebrate this festive season, I am bringing you several fabulous authors that are going to share how they celebrate and maybe a treat and decoration. We are also having a huge giveaway. One Lucky winner will get a Kindle fire 7 and some gift cards to help fill it. Then each author is offering an ebook as individual gifts! So not only one winner but lots! Read to the end to see how!

So grab a cuppa your favorite beverage and settle in your favorite spot with a warm throw and enjoy!

Cat: Today our guest is Gayle Irwin.  Hello Gayle.  Are you ready for Christmas? Yes. I have a small family and we keep the holiday season simple.  I’m looking forward to spending several days with my parents early this month and with my husband’s family later in December.


Family is what comes to mind when I think of the holiday season. I have wonderful memories of Christmas. I grew up an only child in Iowa, living near my maternal grandparents. I helped Mom and Grandma create and bake sugar cookies, the cut-out varieties. We baked and frosted Santas, stars, Christmas trees, angels, and other shapes and we shared them with Grandma’s elderly neighbors as well as people who came to our respective houses to visit. I remember the aroma of those cookies baking, of my Grandmother’s 1950s-style kitchen, and the love and fun that permeated her house.

Now that my mother is the age of my grandmother during those years, we often talk about that time. Grandma died in 1990; she was 91. My mom is nearly 81 now. I’ll be spending time with her this month, before my husband and I leave for a short trip to see his 91-year-old mother – I know we’ll reminisce again, and who knows – we may just bake some sugar cookies! And when my husband and I see his mother, I hope to hear stories of her Christmases as a child and more about when he was a boy and the traditions and memories of their family holidays. I love sharing time with family during this season, continuing some traditions, like decorating and baking, and also sharing memories … and making new ones.

We adopted a dog earlier this fall, a springer spaniel, and she will make the trip to my mother-in-law’s with us. The dog we lost to cancer this spring made that trip several times; sharing our furry family members with human family members is something that brings us joy because neither parents have a dog. As most of us know, pets bring comfort, laughter, love, and devotion to people’s lives, and studies show they help lower blood pressure and provide emotional health benefits. Pets are good for older people, providing not only companionship, but also socializing opportunities. My husband and I look forward to sharing our newly-adopted friend with our mothers this month … we just have to keep the dog out of the Christmas cookies!

You can find a sugar cookie recipe similar to what my grandmother and mother used for Christmas cut-outs here:

Rescue Road is my first clean, contemporary romance, released last month. My primary female character, Rhiann, rescues dogs and finds new homes for them. She shares the joy of pets with people in her community, and matches adopters with the dogs she rescues. She even encourages her love-interest, Levi, who shepherds the community’s EMS department, to adopt a cocker spaniel and train it as a therapy dog. She helps Levi recognize the benefit of a therapy dog to comfort children and others they encounter during traumatic experiences, such as car accidents and fires. Rhiann even bakes some goodies for the department after her own car accident – but she doesn’t share any with the dog!

Title: Rescue Road

Series: Pet Rescue Romance – Book 1

Author: Gayle M. Irwin

Publisher: Waggin’ Tales Inspirational Pet Stories

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: Clean

Pages: 346

Cover Artist: Jessica Greyson

Freelance writer Rhiann Kelly shelved romance for years. Her dream of starting an animal sanctuary takes deep roots after finding the perfect Montana location and purchasing the property for back taxes.

Emergency medical technician Levi Butler knows his friend George left the ranch to him in his will. Levi anxiously awaits the probate to complete so he can plan his retirement and begin his dream of raising horses.

When Rhiann and Levi find each other at the ranch simultaneously, sparks fly – and not the romantic kind. Yet their attraction for one another can’t be denied. Meantime, land developer Dallas Patterson sets his sights on charming Rhiann to obtain the land.

Can Rhiann and Levi work together to detour Patterson and find a solution in which neither needs to give up their dream? Can their broken paths weave their hearts together as they travel the rescue road?

How about a little more?

Levi stood in the ambulance bay, clipboard in hand. Gathered around him were five men and two women. They listened as he spoke.

            “Last month’s safety training results are in, and everyone performed well. Good job! Don’t forget the competition at the Boys and Girls Club fundraiser is this weekend, so, even though it’s a fundraiser for a good cause, we have the opportunity to win back the regional trophy. Let’s be prepared but also plan to have fun and engage the kids and families.”

            “Yes, sir!” came a chorused reply.

            Heads turned toward the bay’s windows; Levi followed the eyes of his team. He noticed a cobalt dual-cab Toyota Tacoma pull up near the building’s entrance. He watched as Rhiann stepped from the driver’s side, bright blue leash in hand. Max, the cocker spaniel, jumped out of the truck, and together, the dog and Rhiann walked into the ambulance bay.

            “Hi, all,” she said as she looked at them. Levi noted the surprise in her voice. “I, uh, I hope I’m not interrupting something.”

            “Just finished our meeting. Who do you have there?” Levi asked.

            Rhiann walked toward the gathering of EMS workers with a smile. “This is Max—I’m hoping he’ll become your department mascot.”

            Levi smiled as his colleagues applauded. He noticed Max remained calm despite the noise. Levi bent down toward the dog and stroked his fur, noting the softness.

            “He had a spa treatment earlier today, getting ready for his new assignment. That is, if you all think he’s the right dog for you,” he heard Rhiann say.

            Levi glanced up as Phil crouched next to him. “He’s sure a handsome fellow,” the younger man said.

            “He seems pretty mellow,” noted Quinn. “That’s the kind of dog we need.”

            Stacy Johnson, one of the female crew members, spoke up. “I looked into therapy dog training. We can get someone in Bozeman to come test his temperament, and if he passes, Phil and I are willing to take him through training since we’re on different schedules.”

            “Good idea, Stacy,” Levi said as he stood up. “I’m glad you and Phil are willing to take that on.”

            “Well,” Rhiann said, handing the leash to Levi, “I would say, Lieutenant Butler, Max belongs to you and your crew.”

            Several team members gathered around Levi and the dog.

            “Welcome, Max!” he heard someone say.

            “Glad to have you aboard, little buddy!” said another.

            Levi noticed Rhiann’s eyes twinkled with joy despite a tear in the corner of one. He watched as she knelt next to Max. Rhiann cupped the dog’s face and said, “You be a good boy, Max, as I know you will. You’re a great dog, and these are good people who will be caring for you. Do incredible work. I know you’re fulfilling a special purpose.”

            Rhiann stood, and Levi watched as she wiped a hand across her eye.

“It’s never really easy passing a dog onto a new owner but truly worth doing, knowing the dog will be cared for and fulfill its purpose. Thanks for taking Max and giving him an important job,” she said to the crew.

            He noted her quick smile before she turned and walked toward the door.

            Levi gave Max’s leash to Phil and said, “Get him settled in. I’ll be right back.”

            He dashed out the door. He saw Rhiann climb into the blue pickup. He ran up to the driver’s side window and tapped on the glass. She looked over, saw him, and the window came down.

            “Thanks for bringing Max to us. I think the chief will be pleased. I know the crew is,” Levi said.

            He watched her wipe her eyes again. “Sorry. You’d think I’d be used to placing dogs in homes by now and not be so emotional.”

            “You get attached, I’m sure.”

            She nodded. “Just take good care of him, okay? Make sure whoever has him takes care of him.”

            Levi smiled. “No problem there; we’re all dog people.”

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Meet Gayle M. Irwin  

Gayle M. Irwin is an award-winning author and freelance writer, being recognized by Wyoming Writers, Inc., and the Wyoming Press Association for several of her works. She is a contributor to seven Chicken Soup for the Soul books and the author of many inspirational pet books and stories for both children and adults. Her first novel, a clean, contemporary pet rescue romance titled Rescue Road, released November 8, 2019. She subtly weaves important life lessons within the lines and pages of her stories, including the importance of pet rescue and adoption. An animal advocate, she volunteers for various dog rescue and humane society organizations and donates a percentage of all book sales to such groups. Gayle resides in Wyoming with her husband and their adopted animals. Learn more about the author, her writing endeavors, and her pets, and receive free stories and resources by visiting her website:

Where to Buy Rescue Road:

Rescue Road is available in print and e-book format from Amazon and in e-book form from Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Below are links. I will be donating part of my book sale proceeds to pet rescue organizations in the Rocky Mountain region. So, if you buy a book, you’ll help a pet in need!

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