A Special Guest! #Texassun #LGBTQ #cowboys

Today I have a special guest post. My good friend and one of my favorite MM authors have a new release and it is a spinoff from the first-ever MM series I have ever read and started me on my love of sexy gay cowboys and MM romance.

In the Texas Soul saga https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074C9H4WJ/? the two main characters, Lane and Gresh, end up adopting two boys. Matthew shows up again in the Colorado Heart series, but there is little mention of Lafferty. Now Lafferty’s book is available. He’s loud and brash, he has issues, but he’s a good man.

The last time we saw him in Texas Legacy,mazon.com/gp/product/B00CG738TU? he’d shown up at Christmas with his husband. But how did he get the husband, and can they actually last? But more important, are they really married?

Lane and Gresh as well as Matthew and a few of the other guys make an appearance as we follow Lafferty as he meets Andries. Life hasn’t been fair for Andries, but he’s about to get a lesson in good Karma and being true to himself.


The scrape of something brushing against his door made him sit up fast. His heart hammered as he scrambled over, setting his beer down on the small table by the one chair in the room. The door didn’t have a peephole or any way for him to look out and see what was on the other side. Thunder crashed, and the rain sounded like it picked up. He flipped on the light and took a chance as he tugged the door open.

Some wet little dude fell in, his eyes wide as he scrambled to stand. A string of words Lafferty didn’t understand flew from the kid’s mouth.

“What? Speak English.”

The kid wobbled and stumbled in his quest to stay upright. He was sopping wet, the coat he wore stank, and the grunge on his hands and face made him look wild. Lafferty didn’t hesitate and grabbed his arm, keeping him from falling. The dark-eyed kid stared up at him, fear shining through.

A ghost of a memory floated through his mind. This kid wasn’t dangerous. He was probably hungry, tired, and now he was afraid. Lafferty’s heart squeezed, and he forced himself to calm as he reached back and shut the door, blocking out the rain.

“What is your name?”

The guy swallowed before he opened his mouth. “A-Andries.”

“Andries. Your name is unique. Why are you on the streets?”

The kid glanced at the door then back at him. “I’m lost and have nowhere else to go.” The kid’s lips thinned, and his eyes narrowed as he stared at Lafferty. For a second, Lafferty thought the guy looked older. “What is your name?”

The guy had a unique accent Lafferty couldn’t place. “Lafferty.”

The guy’s nose wrinkled and lines branched out from the corner of his eyes. “Talk about odd names.”

He ignored the comment about his name. He’d heard it all. “Why don’t you use my bathroom, get cleaned up, maybe shower. I have some extra clothes. We can wash these, and then in the morning, you can get some food while you tell me what’s going on.”

Andries ducked his head, and a shiver raced through him. He lifted his chin, a determined slant to his lips made him again look mature. “How much?”

Lafferty didn’t understand the question. “How much what?”

“I-I.” Andries’ cheeks turned pink. “I can do anal if you need it.”

Anger filled Lafferty. Memories from his past surfaced. He wasn’t going to make this kid have sex. “No.”

Andries flinched. “No, what?”

“I don’t want sex. I’m doing this to be nice. Clean up, shower, and then we can talk after we both get some sleep.”

Andries’ eyes narrowed, and Lafferty again noticed the age-showing lines. Later he’d get the full story, but for now, Andries needed to shower.

“Are you being real? No sex, you’re letting me shower and eat without sucking you?”

Lafferty sighed. “Yeah, kid, I’m letting you shower.”

“I’m not a kid.” Andries’ jaw jutted out before his expression softened. “I’m not.”

“We can discuss it later. Get out of those clothes and toss them out of the bathroom. I’ll wash them in the sink while you shower.”

Andries started removing his clothes. When he peeled off his shirt, revealing pale skin with a trail of dark hair down the center of his chest, Lafferty turned around.

“You shy?” Andries asked.

“No. I don’t need to see you naked.”

The kid who said he wasn’t a kid laughed. Something dropped to the floor, and he assumed it was the kid’s pants. The aroma of unwashed body wafted over him, pushing away any desire. The guy was living rough. Lafferty knew the feeling. He knew what it took to survive in the wild.

The sharp slide of metal on metal, indicating the shower curtain was being pushed back, was followed by the sound of water running. Lafferty turned and found Andries standing in the bathroom door, his hands on the door jamb, his body on full display. Lafferty rolled his eyes and glanced away but couldn’t keep his eyes off the man and glanced back.

“Shower and get dressed in the clothes I put in there. Then we can get some sleep.”

Andries shrugged and stepped into the shower-tub, moaning loudly. Lafferty ignored the sexy sounds coming from the room. After he delivered a pair of sweats and a t-shirt to the bathroom, he concentrated on preparing beans for coffee the next morning. He may be trying to live like a bohemian, but he’d grown used to certain luxuries, like whole bean coffee, freshly ground in a burr grinder and brewed to perfection in an expensive coffeemaker.

The twerp had been in the shower for over ten minutes and had stopped moaning. Lafferty wasn’t going to check on him because he was afraid of what he’d find.

The man’s clothes were filthy and would take more than a quick rinse in the sink. He’d have to soak them in the tub.

The water cut off, then the shower curtain rings slid over the rod, making a metallic screeching sound. He needed to replace a few that were rusted. A few minutes later, Andries stepped out of the bathroom, his eyes on the ground.

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