No Tricks! Just Treats! The Winners Are!#giveaway #prizes #announcement

I hope everyone has enjoyed my Halloween Extravaganza! I loved reading about the tricks, the great recipes and I have found several books for my TBR pile. I hope you have too.

Now for the prizes: The Grand Prize winner Of the personalized book bag from me A $ 20 gift card from Shannon Nemechek and all the print books is:  Trixvitajex

The winners of the $10 gift cards From Tara Lain …Justine Reynolds SJ York… Sara Zielinskii

The winners of the $5 gift cards From Trevann Rogers is Lacey Jo Williams. Christina Lynn Lambert is Jamie Mazzanti. Misty Harvey is Steve Weber, Meredith Bond is Courtney Kinder. V.L. Locey is Laurie Peterson, Stacy Turner is Calvin Fung, and Danita Minnis is Jen

The winner of the arc by Shannon Nemechek is John Smith

The winner of the Audiobook Zombie Infestation By Leona Bushman Is:  Yevhenii Pokutnii

The winner of the Halloween Necklace From Katherine Eddinger Smits Is: Flossie Benton Rogers

The winner of the pendulum from Judi Phillips is: Chelsea Sandy

The winner of the Scary soap Gift Basket From Wednesday lee Friday: Ashley Marie Batchelor

The winner of the ebook of A Demon inside from Rick R Reed Is Lee Ann Pratt

The winner of the ebook Wytchfae Runes from Flossie Benton Rogers: is  José

The winner of the Ebook One Ebook of back listfrom Brenda Sparks JL Carls

The winner of the Ebook Trick or Treat, a Hammer Short from Sean Michaels bn100

The winners of the ebooks Titania Academy from Samaire Provost (2) are Nancy Payette and Sarah Meyer and Trix

And the Winner of the ebook choice Music for a Merman Choice or (Merman’s choice pdf only) from Alice Renaud is Misty Harvey

The prizes were drawn on rafflecopter. Each name will be sent to the corresponding author and they will send out the gifts. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Would you like another party in December? Let me know in the comments and I will see what I can come up with! Happy reading!

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