Pink Zebras, and Halloween fun. #Pinkzebraparty #halloweenfood #waxmelt #giveaway

Hi Ya’ll It is the last week of October, Halloween is near and the Giveaway is about to end. It has been fun and I plan another for Christmas.

Friday was my pink Zebra Party and I got my opportunity to make my halloween theme food.

Pink Zebra goodies

We had Pumpkin puke punch (no pumpkin involved) made from orange sherbert a bottle of orange soda, half a jug of Arizona mango punch, and A lemon-lime soda. Scoop balls of the sherbert from half the carton the night before and freeze then let float, blend the other half in with soda.

Witches fingers… cocktail smokies wrapped in bacon… bake or airfry.

Monster eyeballs I used meatballs and then followed this recipet to assemble and make the big mac sauce. everyone loved the sauce and it’s an orangy color so worked well with all my goos and condiments. And this one and the fingers are both keto or low carb.

I made a graveyard dip with layering taco meat, refried beans, salsa in a baking dish. Bake long enough to heat the beans. I cut ghosts, Cats, skulls, bats out of tortillas and fried. I also cut tombstones and stuck a few in the dip. put some sour cream in a baggie or use the squeezable time and make little mounds like ghosts. I set some in dishes and set the sour cream some catsup, barbeque sauce, and guacamole with the big mac sauce I named them ghoulish names like blood, monster goo, ghost goo, you get the picture.

For dessert, I made rice Krispie treats tinted with orange food color and shaped into balls. I stuck a pretzel stick in the top and used mini chocolate chips for dessert. I also made Christmas crack and turned it into Halloween by using white melting chocolate then added orange color to some black to some, swirled them on top and then used Halloween sprinkles and a few candy eyes.

I still have to make up my Halloween treat bags and decide on my Halloween meal. I’ll make a special post Friday and show you.

Do you make Halloween theme food? fel free to share some recipes or photos.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you haven’t. There are still a few days and you can do a few of the things daily for extra entries!

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  1. How cute to cut ghosts, cats, skulls, and bats out of tortillas. Bet the graveyard dip was awesome. I never made Halloween theme food but our go-to Halloween night meal was chili when my kids were trick-or-treating age.

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