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Do you Like sexy vampires or hot weres? What about gorgeous ghosts, witches, warlocks, mages or dragons?

This month we are going to party all month long with some of your favorite authors or new to you ones. We will have tricks and treats galore so come join us every day in October for tricks, treats and a huge giveaway!

Today’s guest is Brenda Sparks. Brenda writes about weres, vampires—all things paranormal.

Hello, Brenda, tell us about a favorite trick you pulled on a family member.

Brenda: I love spiders.  In fact, I have earned a nickname around my house as the Great Spider Rescuer. When I find one inside, I carry it outside and let it go in the bushes. I’ve been known to talk to them as I carry them through the house. It was this particular behavior that set up my prank.

I cupped a bunch of plastic spiders in my hands and proceeded to walk through the living room as if I was taking them out the front door. To sell the believability, I cooed at them then looked over at my adult son who was sitting on the couch. I informed him that I had found a mama spider with a bunch of babies on her back. Knowing this was a particular nightmare of his, I couldn’t help but enjoy the look of revulsion that crept onto his face. 

I pretended to trip and simultaneously tossed the spiders in his direction. He let loose an effeminate scream and scrambled away, arms flailing. I didn’t know a human could move that fast.

Cat: I should not laugh at that, but I did. I also rescue spiders. What are your top 5-6 favorite things about Halloween.

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I have so many favorites it’s hard to name just one, but if I must choose, I’d pick these.

Movie: Halloween (2018) (I love Jamie Lee Curtis’ performance.)

Book: Dark Celebration: A Carpathian Reunion by Christine Feehan (This is a Christmas story about vampires. It was a lot of fun to read.)

Food: Candy Corn. I know many people aren’t found of them, but it’s not Halloween for me until I have some. (Cat: I love candy corn too)

Drink: Bloody Good Punch. This is always a hit at our house, and I have shared recipe below.

Activity: Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. It’s so fun to have something scary around every corner.

Cat: I love Halloween and making treats for the kids or themed dinners do you have a favorite craft or recipe?

Brenda: Absolutely, I have a favorite. Hands down, it’s Bloody Good Punch. This red punch can be served with or without alcohol depending on the occasion, so I make it all the time.

Bloody Good Punch

(Make a day in advance to allow the flavors to meld.)


  • 1/3 cup white sugar
  • 1 quart cranberry juice
  • 2 cups pineapple juice
  • 2 tablespoons almond extract
  • 1 (2 liter) bottle Lemon/Lime soft drink such as Sprite
  • 1 pint of cranberries
  • Vodka (optional)


  1. In a large container, mix together sugar, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and almond extract. Refrigerate for 1 day.
  2. To serve, pour juice mixture into a punch bowl. Stir in Lemon/Lime soft drink.
  3. Garnish with cranberries or other fruit of your choosing


  1. To make an alcoholic version stir in vodka to desired taste

Cat: What book have you come to talk about today?

Title:  Alpha Mine

(series if part of one) Book 1 of the Alpha Council Chronicles Series

Author: Brenda Sparks

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Cover artist: Rae Monet

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pages: 390

      In the shadows of the night, there exists a band of warriors–a group of vampires, known as the Alpha Council. Their formidable leader, Stephan von Haas, has vowed to protect not only his kind but the humans existing alongside them. His duty comes before all else–until a sassy blonde saunters into his life.
      When a sensual, dark-haired stranger walks into Katrina Spencer’s life, he stirs her deepest desires and sweeps her into a world beyond her wildest dreams. But when Katrina is targeted by Stephan’s enemies, reality shifts into something violent and deadly, as she is thrust into a realm where vampires stalk the shadows and vengeance is coming for her.
      Together they will confront an extraordinary destiny of peril, passion, and dark pleasures. But when one horrid mistake brings retribution, their love may pay the price.

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Meet Brenda

Brenda Sparks has always loved all things spooky and enjoys incorporating paranormal elements in her writing. She refuses to allow pesky human constraints to get in the way of telling the story. Luckily the only thing limiting her stories is her imagination. Her characters are strong, courageous, and she adores spending time with them in their imaginary world.

Her idea of a perfect day is one spent in front of a computer with a hot cup of coffee, her fingers flying over the keys to send her characters off on their latest adventure.

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Twitter: @brenda_sparks



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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog today. It was fun to share my prank. I hope your readers enjoy the punch. I’ve never had anyone dislike it. Happy Halloween!

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