A Harry Potter Surprise Party #tricks @MacyBlake #treats #LGBTQ

Do you Like sexy vampires or hot weres? What about gorgeous ghosts, witches, warlocks, mages or dragons?

This month we are going to party all month long with some of your favorite authors or new to you ones. We will have tricks and treats galore so come join us every Day in October! For tricks, treats and a huge giveaway!

Today’s guest is Macy Blake. Macy writes fantasy and paranormal with a menagerie of paranormal creatures, including hellhounds, dragons, and the fae.

Hello Macy. Tell us about a favorite trick you pulled on a family member.

Hey Cathy! Thanks so much for having me! I’m not really much of a prankster, but I do love a good surprise. Last October, I pulled a fast one on my best friend and roommate. We’re both Potterheads, so for her birthday, I decorated a Harry Potter tree in our living room and even hung floating candles from the ceiling. She came home to a surprise Harry Potter birthday party! It was so much fun.

Cat: That sounds like fun! What are your top 5-6 favorite things about Halloween?

Movie: Hocus Pocus

Book: Practical Magic

Food: Soup! I love making soups and stews in the fall!

Drink: Hmm. I don’t have a favorite fall, but a Cuban latte works year-round. LOL

Activity: I live in Florida, so it finally begins to cool down enough for outside walks in the fall. There’s really nothing quite as nice as walk without humidity. LOL

Cat: I love Halloween and making treats for the kids or themed dinners do you have a favorite craft or recipe?

Macy: Last year, as part of my Harry Potter party planning, I found this great YouTube channel called Cooking and Craft Chick (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTXrnA3P1JURfpUj6Tv5tNA). She makes these amazing prop potions and I plan on making a few more of them this year!

Cat: What book have you come to talk about today?

Title: All or Nothing

Series: Chosen One (Book One)

Author: Macy Blake

Cover artist A.J. Corza

Genre Fantasy/Paranormal/MMM+


Sawyer Smith is preparing to take on the world, and with his graduate degree only days away, he’s hoping to convince his gorgeous best friend and neighbor to come along for the ride. There’s only one problem; Draco has a secret, a big scaly secret, and it’s about to change Sawyer’s life forever.

When three mysterious men move into the new mansion across the street, Sawyer is plunged into a fantastical world he never knew existed, one filled with creatures of legend. Discovering the truth about Draco and his role as guardian of The Chosen One is only the tip of the paranormal iceberg.

Being drawn to this strange new world is challenging enough, but then Sawyer finds himself attracted to all The Chosen One’s guardians. Giving into his desire comes with incredible risks. Once the chosen one is found, Sawyer will return to his human life, without the guardians, without Draco.

As danger mounts, Sawyer must choose between guarding his heart from the men he grows closer to by the day, or give in and risk losing it all.

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Meet Macy

 Macy Blake believes in unicorns and fairies, in moonbeams and stardust, and that happily ever after comes in all colors of the rainbow. When she’s not busy at the day job, she loses herself in paranormal romance, living vicariously through her favorite sexy fictional heroes. These days you can often find her pounding away at the keyboard, trying to capture the magic of her own worlds.

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Are you a Harry potter Fan? Have you done any Harry Potter themed parties?

Macy is donating a print book of Hell Bound : Hell on Earth ( it is part of the grand Prize)Here are all the other great prizes on o

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