A Poopy Diaper Saves the Day #festivalfun #Octoberfest #catfish #girlsdayout

I’ve been looking forward to this Octoberfest in Reelfoot for months. I haven’t been in about 5 years. The first time I went was with two of my coworker friends. We started out early, hit all the rummage sales, had lunch then looked at all the craft booths.

A couple of years later I started going with my Mom, dad, sister, brother and his family. It was a big family event. We would all meet up walk the booths and instead of the catfish restaurant just eat something from one of the many booths.

After mom passed away, and my back surgery I wasn’t able to walk it all so after a couple of attempts we kind of fell off. This year I am stronger do to the training I am doing weeking since February and the water aerobics so My daughter-in-law and I have been planning this for months.

Friday night we packed the baby’s bag, got our clothes ready the night before so after she took my son to work got her some coffee we would be on the way. When we got gas I realized I left my glasses home so we went back then out again. We weren’t far from home when the baby started pooping. Kara had realized he left her watch so I told her to go home lets change the baby before we hit the road. It is a good thing we did. When we got to the house there was water on the carport. When we went inside the kitchen, hall, and hall to the laundry room was flooded. I thought the hot water heater burst so I got husband. Long stoy short, it was not the hot water heater ( thank heavens but a pipe that was left from when we put in the new air system.) He capped it off but then had to find the clog that was backing it all up. . At noon he let us go so we didn’t miss the craft fair.

Annalise and I waiting for the food

We had a great lunch of Catfish, hushpuppies, fried green tomatoes onion rings, twice baked potato, baked apples, slaw and of course sweet tea.

There were so many booths. We walked for miles. It was a cooler day so nice and enjoyable and the baby loved all the attention. By the time we got to the end and halfway back some were closing up. But we saw all we wanted and had a good time.

I saw some cool things I may try to make, I bought my usual caramel corn, pork skin cooked fresh while you watch, some fresh honey, chocolate honey, strawberry pineapple moonshine jelly, Drake some moonstones, a worry stone and a tangerine quartz in a leather pouch and my hubby the straw hat he has been looking for.

We had fun but came home to the clog not quite fixed so another two hours of plumbing but its finally done. At least for now.

Outdoor craft festivals are fun. Do you have any you go to? What is the favorite things you buy?

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