A Sneaky Birthday Surprise #tricks #giveaway #Vampires #ghosts

Do you Like sexy vampires or hot weres? What about gorgeous ghosts, witches, warlocks, mages or dragons?

This month we are going to party all month long with some of your favorite authors or new to you ones. We will have tricks and treats galore some come join us every Saturday and Sunday in October!

Today’s guest is Danita Minnis. Danita writes about romance, vampires and ghosts.

Cat: Hello Danita. Tell us about a favorite trick you pulled on someone.  

Danita: On my sister’s birthday, I asked her to pick me up from a mutual friend’s house. She was already upset because she thought we’d all forgotten her birthday. Her ex-boyfriend answered the door with a birthday cake in his hands. Quite the apology followed from him. I took a chance and it worked! Married with children now – they really were meant to be together. J )

Cat: Awe! That’s so sweet! What are your favorite things about Halloween

Movie: The Haunting of Hill House

Book: Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’

Food: Chocolate cupcakes! Actually, any time is fine for anything chocolate.

Drink: Bailey’s Irish Cream!

Activity: Singing, always. Doesn’t have to be Halloween!

 I love walking around the neighborhood and seeing all the houses decorated for Halloween!

Cat: What book have you come to talk about today?

Title: Dark Love Rising

Author: Danita Minnis

Publisher: Createspace

Cover artist: Danita Minnis

Genre: Paranormal romance

Pages: 344 pages

Though it was night, her path was clear. She needed no light to see through the murky water. In her weakened state, the dark was less invasive.

Flexing her toes in the sediment, she was engulfed by the sensation that she was spinning opposite this world’s axis. No, it was the passage of time or the urgency of the summons.

Ignoring the gnawing in her belly, she crawled up the grassy bank. Another spasm pulsed through her and she lay shivering in the grass, curled in a ball with her eyes shut tight.

She needed to feed.

The call would not hurt so if she gained strength. She must prepare herself for whatever this jarring alarm meant. Finally, the pain subsided in her head, but the pounding went on. It surrounded her.

The pounding came closer, harder, hurting her ear as she lay against the earth.

Something was running towards her. She could smell its fear. A human.

Her predatory instincts rebounded in an instant. Before the conscious thought was fully formed in her mind, her arm shot out and grabbed the human’s ankle.

The human hit the ground with a surprised gasp as air whooshed out of its lungs. 

Layla opened her eyes and watched a dark stare turn into curiosity.

“Let go of me!”

Layla grit her teeth at the harsh inflections of the woman’s strange tongue, but she would master it. She already understood the golden-haired woman who tried to shake off her grip. With her other hand, she touched the short halo of golden hair that spiked out of the woman’s head like a fierce helmet. She was Nubiti, a golden lady.

A large structure flashed in her mind. The woman’s home; she wanted to be free to go there. But Nubiti, the golden lady, would not live to see another day.

“Who are you?” The woman began to kick and scratch at Layla’s hands.

“Doo…not…fee-arrh…meee…” Her vocal cords stilted the strange words even to her ears, with a rasping halt that sounded too deep to be human. The unused muscles in her throat needed exercise.

When the woman screamed and kicked her in the face, the stiletto heel lodged in Layla’s eye.

Pulling the stiletto out of her eye, Layla was at once regretful. She would have to concentrate on a more suitable pitch. She had no wish to frighten the golden lady who would soon begin her journey to the underworld of paradise.

She crawled over the woman, rubbing the dark, glittering stones on her garment, which left most of her body bare. The stones were like stars in the night, shimmering as the woman struggled.

The golden lady looked into the eye she’d ruptured with her shoe, her own blue eyes widening as the fissure closed. She stopped struggling and started keening softly.

Buy link

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MZFICFR/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1485912379&sr=1-1

Barnes and Noble: Dark Love Rising|Paperback

Kobo: Dark Love Rising ebook by Danita Minnis – Rakuten Kobo

Meet Danita”

Born and raised in the heart of New York City, Danita is a singer, writer and lover of romance. Her fourth novel, Dark Love Rising is her first vampire romance. She is the author of the ghostly love story Adderley’s Bride and the Cardiff novels, Falcon’s Angel and Love Entwined.

Mystery, mayhem, the fantastic and the fey are as intriguing as Siberian Huskies – shout out to the Khan Man. One more hour with her laptop and Danita is living the dream.

You can stalk Danita

Website: http://danitaminnis.com/Home_Page.php

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Danita_Minnis

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Danita-Minnis-Romance-Author-433534206657385/about/?ref=page_internal

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6154485.Danita_Minnis

Have you ever played a trick with a happy ending?

Now for the big giveaway! Danita has generously donated a $5 Amazon card. Here is a list of all the other great prizes with 22 chances to win!

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  1. October is my favorite month. The change of colors and cooler weather. Halloween, pumpkins, & hay rides. As far as the books, “anything goes”. Lol

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