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Do you like sexy vampires or hot weres? What about gorgeous ghosts, witches, warlocks, mages or dragons?

This month we are going to party all month long with some of your favorite authors or new to you ones. We will have tricks and treats galore so come join us every day this month for tricks treats and a huge giveaway! Read to the bottom for the list of prizes and how to enter!

Today’s guest is Samaire Provost. Samaire writes about magical Faerie Academies and the students that attend them.

Cat: Hello Samaire tell us about a favorite trick you pulled on a friend.

Samaire: Well, once, a friend’s parents had just bought him a new car, and they drove both of us to university classes. While they were still at their class, I snuck and moved the car about fifteen rows down from where it had been parked in the university parking lot. Then I hid behind a tree and when they got out of class they were bewildered. The jig was up when a campus police car drove passed me snickering behind the tree, then got waved down by the friend and told they thought their new car had been stolen. I heard the police rat me out, so I came and fessed up, laughing.

Cat: That’s funny!  What are your top 5-6 favorite things about Halloween?

Movie:  Hocus Pocus

Book:  The Dark is Rising

Food:  toasted marshmallows over a fire

Drink:  Hot apple cider

Activity:  Playing in fallen leaves

I also love storms and most inclement weather! I’m weird that way.

Cat: I love storms and inclement weather to, so you are not weird alone. What book have you come to talk about today?

Samaire: I’m here to talk about my newest release, which is currently in pre-order (sale!) and will be out by Oct 22nd. It’s called Titania Academy: book 1: Faerie Misborn. It’s the first book in a new series called Titania Academy. The main character is Holly, she’s fourteen years old and just found out she’s got faerie blood and has been accepted into the Academy school for the Fae.

Cat: This sounds fun. I love fae books. Samaire is giving three ebooks of this release to the giveaway. One is in the grand prize package the other two separate entries so three chances to win this awesome book!

Title: Titania Academy: book 1: Faerie Misborn

Author: Samaire Provost

Publisher: Black Raven Books

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

Genre: YA Paranormal Academy

Pages: 400+

Freezing cold winters, constant hunger: This was the life of a homeless orphan. This was my life. Then I got the letter.

I’ve been on the streets since I was born. It got very rough after my aunt got sick and died. But I made do.
The streets of New York city can very unforgiving, especially when times get desperate. Like in winter.
At least I never had to worry about the cold.
But then I got hurt. Things were looking very bad.
Then Chance showed up with the letter.
The letter that said I was misborn of the fae. A bastard, but the magic still counted.
The letter that said I’d been accepted into Titania’s Academy.

When the magic blood of the fae runs through your veins, they will find you, no matter what.

Buy link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XMPRCJT

Meet Samaire:

Samaire Provost loves, and I mean REALLY loves, writing exciting stories. She’s written Horror and Urban Fantasy, and her latest foray is into the realm of Epic YA Fantasy and YA Academy Fantasy. She’s deep into the feng shui of a certain series, and busy writing more books in The Paladin Princess universe. She’s just started a new series that’s got her really jazzed: Titania Academy! It’s going to be a WHOPPER of a story! Early readers love it!
She loves gothic and dark tales, too.
You can find her skulking about in southern Virginia, where she relocated to from California. If you were to visit her, and she served you tea or whiskey on her back deck, and the sun started to set, and she excused herself to wander into the forest, then never came back, you might be tempted to try and follow her.
You’d find that darkness settles in the forest quite quickly when the sun starts to set.
You might wander down to the edge of her property, where you’d see a stream and a well.
If it was dark enough, that is, pitch dark, you might notice it growing quiet and mysterious, and if you leaned over the well, you might hear voices coming from down in it.
If you ventured much farther, you might trip, and take a tumble down the embankment.
You might be found by the faeries that come out only at twilight, and they might steal you away, offer you a cookie or a bit of mead in a cup made out of a flower.
And if you drink it, you’ll find yourself walking back up to the house and find that a hundred years have passed…

You can stalk Samaire Provost


Twitter: @samaireherself


Also by Samaire Provost:





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Now for the Giveaway. Enter by the raffle copter below!

Grand prIze package
Personalized bookbag by Cathy Brockman
$20 Amazon Card from Shannon Nemechek
Print book by Belle Scarlett, Kate Hill, Macy Blake, B a Tortuga
Signed books by Kryssie Fortune Gabrielle Faust
ebook of Titania Academy by Samaire Provost
Individual prizes (21)
10 dollar amazon cards 1 each Tara Lain and SJ York
$5 Amazon Cards–Trevann Rogers Christina Lynn Lambert Misty Harvy Meredith Bond V.L.Locey Stacy Turner Danita Mannis
Arc by Shannon Nemechek
Audiobook By Leona Bushman
Halloween Necklace from Katherine Eddinger Smits
Pendulum from Judi Pillips
Scary Soap Gift Basket From Wednesday Lee Friday
Ebooks from Rick R, Reed, Flossie Benton Rogers, Brenda Sparks, Sean Michael, Samaire Provost (2)Alice Renaud

Do you like storms and inclement weather?

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  1. Oh, this looks good. I just popped over here to see what sort of great reads I could pick up. I’m in search of a new Halloween treat to read. While this one won’t work at this exact point, I have preordered it for a future read. It sounds amazing.

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