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You never expect when a fifteen-year-old teenager walks out the door to go to Walmart that will be the last time you ever see them. Well, a month ago that happened to us. Kira had just had a baby a week before ( yes that is too young to be a mother but at least now we are happy to have a piece of her left behind).

I was at my dad’s about five hours away. We were getting ready to eat ice cream and watch Big Brother when we got the call no one ever wants.

Kira had been in an automobile wreck with three other teens and it didn’t look good.

This is bad enough but what if you were the paramedic on duty and drove up to the scene and your daughter was involved and the worst on scene. That was my son’s position. To make a long story short she died in her father’s arms two hours later.

My husband made a mad dash to pick me up and get me home since we had to figure out funeral arrangements. Who has burial insurance on a child? None of us did and we all live check to check so there was no spare money. My husband and I put my car up and got a loan enough to bury her and some sweet friends helped set up a Go Fund Me to help pay it off. We are still a long way but at least every bit helps. And we sure appreciated all the help, shares, and just the wonderful messages.

I know this isn’t a traditional Charity but Lizbet said this was ok to add to the blog hop. I am in no way begging for money, I just wanted to share a story and bring to awareness, Hug your kids every day. Tell them you love them. Don’t go to bed mad and be sure to tell them to buckle up! and here is a photo of her little legacy

If you would like to donate or just share thank you so much!

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  1. Dear Cathy,

    My heart breaks for you and your family. Still, I know Kira’s daughter will grow up surrounded by love.

    I’ll definitely go donate to the gofundme campaign. I know that every dollar helps.

    • Thank you and also thanks for the donation and prayers. It is amazing how many friends I had. Just knowing so many people were praying, thinking or sending hugs and good vibes meant more than anything.

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