Who or What’s Behind the Wheel #plot-driven #characterdriven #awriterslife

Last week I talked about plot bunnies, if you missed it and want to catch up you can find it here…chasing-plot-bunnies-plots-awriterslife-wheredidthatideacomefrom In that article I mentioned that most of my stories are character based. Aren’t all stories? I mean they all have to have good characters or there isn’t a story, right? Yes, that is true. Since I write romance sometimes the romance between the characters is the plot. The growth, a conflict that brings them together, maybe even sex depending on the heat rating. This is called a character-driven story.

Other stories, such as drama, mystery, or suspense the plot is as important or more important than just the characters. Sure the characters still have to be strong but there has to be an interesting story more than a romance, some leads, twists,and a satisfying maybe surprise ending. There can be subplots such as a romance, or history of the character, but the plot or mystery/ suspense is more important.

Some day I would love to try my hand at a suspense or a cozy, maybe both, but I will need to study more on that.

Do you like a character based or plot driven story? What is your favorite genre?

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