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Happy Monday! I am on the last week (I think) of my vacation. Well, it’s not really a vacation but an annual trip to my dad’s. I try to make it here for dad’s birthday in June and stay till the end of July. This year I came a week early to leave a week early since I have a great-grandbaby due any time now. (update: Grandie Girl was supposed to be admitted to be induced last night. I’ll update when I get more news. Maybe share a photo.)

I haven’t been creating too many new recipes since dad likes the basics and we have been on the go. My Sister -In -Law has made some awesome recipes in her instant pot. On the Fourth of July, she made Mexican street corn and Kahlua Pork both in her electric pressure cooker. Here are the recipes.

Since it has been so hot and we decided to go to the Craft fair and no one stand behind a hot grill all day SIL decided to try this instant pot pulled pork. Let me tell ya it was lip-smacking good and she put it on while we were out. When we got back she puled the meat and we had yummy sandwiches. She had made cole-slaw ahead and the street corn where all she had to do was heat it on the electric grill.

Kalua Pork https://temeculablogs.com/instant-pot-hawaiian-pulled-pork/ ( she cooked 8-pound pork…there was a lot of us)

Not TV this is sunset from Dads window.
another view of the sunset.
changes that are coming to the Marina
hungry niece and nephews
got to see my youngest granddaughter and daughter!

How was your holiday weekend? Did you have special plans? Any good food?

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