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This past week I was totally exhausted from the weeks of preparing for the shower.

One night my daughter in law made a taco casserole and brought it over and we all ate here. It is simple, feeds a lot and is yummy. Sorry, I forgot to take photos this week.

What you need. 1 and a half to two pounds Hamburger meat, 1 package Taco seasoning, 8 oz shredded cheddar cheese, 1 bag crushed Doritos (any tortilla chip will work but my granddaughter prefers these and any toppings you like such as onions, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, taco sauce, salsa, and sour cream. It is easily doubled or halved. Simply cook the meat as f making tacos, add season according to package, pour into a baking dish, crush chips over it and spread ad cheese over top, bake about 20 minutes in a 350-degree oven until hot, cheese is well melted.

Another fast dish and easy to cook for two or more is pizza burgers. I use a good pre-made Angus patty but you can use regular ground beef and make your own. Cook or grill as many as you need. Top with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, onion and pepperoni. Here is a recipe if you want to go homemade that we adapted from.

Wednesday was pizza night. We had a family emergency so Hubby jumped in and ordered pizza. We haven’t had a good takeout pizza in a while. We ordered the girl’s stuff crust pepperoni and we had taco thin crust. If you want to make one here is a good recipe. or make pizza dough and top as you would a taco.

A hobo pack is always easy and fun. I cut up 4 potatoes ( they were kind of small, some onion, and seasoned it with salt pepper and Italian seasoning, crumbled raw ground beef over ( put all this on a strip of heavy-duty aluminum foil, grill for about 45 minutes until potatoes are tender or bake in the oven until potatoes are tender. When done sprinkle with cheese and return to heat for a few minutes to melt. These can be done camping as well. Here is a recipe if you need amounts.

Saturday I made bacon and egg sandwich. I could live of eggs lol.

Do you have a go to dish for when you are tired or in a rush?

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