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Week 21 – MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge
Week 21: Allergies: How to endure them without suffering overmuch?

Wow, what a topic. Allergies I know all about, but how not to suffer over much, If you know how please share. I am highly allergic to just about everything and living in the mid-south, the pollen capitol of the world, I do suffer. Plus I love animals and cannot for the life of me imagine being without my dog and cats, I truly pay for it.

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My dog and a couple of the cats like to sleep with us or during the day nap on our bed. I found the best way to not feel like I am boiling in acid at night from the allergies is to change the bedding comforter and all about every other day. I also have to make my side of the bed when I get up and I cover it with a throw for the animals to lay on instead of directly on my pillow or covers. That helps a little. At night I live off of my allergy meds ( Allegra) and Benedryl both spring and fall.

When I got allergy tested about 13 years ago and found out all I was allergic to ( a big waste of money since what do you do about grass, dust, trees, pollen? Pet dander is about the only semi-controllable one and getting rid of your pets is like getting rid of your kids. Plus I am also allergic to cow and horse dander and living in a farming community its in the air. We did get rid of the living room carpet and put down laminate floors. Eventually, we will the bedroom as well. I have to dust a lost, sweep and mop a lot, and wash throws, curtains, and anything that collects dust a lot.

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These are the only tips I have. If you have any I am glad to hear them.

Let’s go see how the others endure the allergy season.

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  1. Ugh, what a pain. I’ll make a note of your extra bed throw technique. I haven’t had pets in a while, but we’re talking about getting a dog, and I have allergies. Some breeds light up my allergies, others don’t bother me much. Short-haired hound types seem to be the worst. I’d better do lots of research before falling in love with another dog.

    • Mine is a short hair hound type ( Feist) plus all the cats. I have two body pillows and wash one every few days I usually change it when I do the bedding. Maybe I should look Into body pillow cases. On the trow over the bed be sure it is reversible so you know which side is up and when you put it on the next day the upside is up or else if like me you might flip the hair covered side onto your bed clothing LOL. I still change those out every other day as well. It really helps a lot keeping the hair off my pillows and dierect sheets.

  2. Wow, Cathy, I can’t imagine being allergic to the animals, but yes, giving them up would be hard, but some have to. It keeps you so busy to prevent you from suffering. My doctor recommended an Allegra prescription before the spray I use now. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  3. You are not having a fun time with allergies. I have them, but not nearly as bad. I agree not only for allergies, but in general, when you have pets it’s better not to have rugs. Thankfully, I’m not allergic to my pets, but I agree that giving them up would be like giving up part of the family.

    • Thanks. Allergies are prevalent where I live but I seem to be full of them. but I won’t get rid of my babies so I have learned to deal. Thank you for the healing energy!

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