I don’t need another squirrel to chase. #MFRWauthor #writing #blogging #shiny

Week 20 – MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge week 20: Does journal keeping help with the writing process?

This will be a very short post for me. I don’t journal so I guess my answer is for me no,

I see all of these people that do these cool bullet journals or BuJos and have considered it, but I stay so unfocused and chase enough squirrels I don’t need another.

Image by fzofklenz from Pixabay 

I do have a small notepad I guess you could call a journal that I keep lists in. It is divided and the first section I use to make a list of my lists. I do have notes for daily, weekly and monthly to dos in that.

I do have a series bible for each series where I keep notes on characters, settings, ideas, etc

and a notebook for each book I write with the same that way if I get an idea I can quickly find my proper notebook and get it in there and find it when the time comes. That’s as close to a journal as I get. Maybe I can get some cute washi tape and stickers to decorate them like a journal lol… See what I mean about chasing squirrels?

Lets go see what the other authors think about journals.

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    • You sound like me. I do use Scrivener for the freedom of the split screen and rewrites but I have the notebook for my lists and keeping things handy and in case I lose my files. ( I am so bad about backing up.

    • It does. I try to schedule most of my blog work and other nonwriting work and my PA work on the weekend when I can. I try to do it a couple of hours each day then have the rest of the day for housework or family or now yard and garden

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