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For those of you that celebrated, I hope you had a fabulous Mother’s day. I missed my daughter and youngest granddaughter.

For Mother’s Day this year we smoked a turkey. We always buy a couple at the holidays for less than a dollar a pound and freeze them. I usually cut up one or two as well.

Today I smoked half the turkey, made potato and macaroni salad and hubby wanted stuffing. I know, sounds like a carb fest. I was happy with the turkey and sliced tomato.

I saved out the thighs to fry one night. I love a good fried thigh. I went ahead a smoked the legs. If no one eats them I will freeze and one night I can simply thaw and heat in the oven. The breast can be used for many things.

I will slice off some for sandwiches for lunches and make some turkey salad too. the other half of the breast I will cut up and use for stir fry, and dishes like tetrazzini

This Greek Turkey and rice skillet looks good too.

Here is a turkey chili with leftovers.

And there is always good old roasted sliced breast with potatoes and gravy.

Did you have a good Mother’s day? Was you treated to a special meal? do you have a turkey recipe you like to share?

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  1. I treated myself to carryout Chinese food. One of my boys lives on the East Coast and the other on the West Coast. I’m stuck in the middle missing them. The only thing I do with turkey is roast it. In the past, I’ve made chili, my mom’s recipe for goulash, and sloppy joes with ground turkey.

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