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Last week I talked about target audiences. This week I want to talk about marketing in general. No I don’t have a book out yet,but from all I have read ad learned over the years, you should start marketing when you start writing. I have built a platform over the years ( more an that later), but how do you sell a book you do not have. You don’t. You sell yourself. You want people to know who you are. Like you and want to hear from you. Then they should be lining up to buy that book once you start talking about it…or that’s the plan.

( feel free to follow like and buy the books whether you are what I mentioned as my target last week, the target is a generalization not set in stone) If you want to read about Target audiences you can find that post here:

Since I have a relative idea of who may like my books or be interested in more about me it is time to focus on making sure I follow through reaching you guys and finding new markets. I have to admit when I first started writing I posted and stayed on facebook daily, tried tweeting, started my author page and facebook group, and joined Instagram and Pinterest. I am trying to learn a balance to not waste a lot of time and actually get the books written. I plan to have at least one if not two out this year. But in order to do so, I have to get the book done and not spend all my tie blogging, Facebooking, pinning, etc. I am trying to do a post a day and checking my pages in the evening not in my writing times.

I have a hard time doing both my author page and regular page. I get more interaction on my personal page. I am still not getting interaction in my group. so that brings me down to this. What do you like to read about? what would you like to see in the group? On my author page? Or is just the personal page enough? Hopefully soon I will be posting some snippets here for you and maybe in the readers group as well.

I don’t like going to the market for my food and household stuff this marketing for work is worse.

ON a personal note. I am trying to get more organized. I am doing my three times a week workouts with a personal trainer and getting stronger each week, building more stamina. He wants me to drink more water, starting with half a gallon before I can have a glass of tea, working up to a gallon a day. Also adding a smoothie for post-workout snacks at least the three days I workout. These are doubling as lunch since it ends up right at lunchtime. I find I love smoothies, water not so much! The pool in the evenings with friends and family to water exercise is relaxing. I got plants yesterday to get my garden in.

Man it is hard balancing, writing, marketing, cleaning, excessive and family. I should have become a juggler.

Do you like to garden and grow your own food? Do you drink water like you should?

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