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Today’s guest In the Spotlight is Luanna Stewart talking about mothers in her books and her newest release Love and Redemption. Hello Luanna!

Mothers Beware!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I started reviewing my published books with the aim of discovering how motherhood is portrayed in my stories. As it happens, not well.

Which is truly odd because being a mother was and is the only job I’ve ever had. (Not counting summer jobs and this writing gig, which I started almost ten years ago.) I was one of those rare and lucky women who remained at home with my children until they left for university. I’m also one of those rare and weird women who irons the cloth napkins, tea towels, and pillowcases. But that’s a counselling session for another day.

My first published book, written under a previous and now defunct pen name, contained my heroine’s mother but not in the most flattering light. My second book had no mum at all, not even in the backstory. Nor was there a father in evidence.

The first book written by the real me has a mum, but she died with my heroine was quite young. To be fair, the heroine’s dad died as well but not until just before the story began. My hero in that book must have sprung fully formed from the cabbage patch. My next book had a mum who also died when my heroine was young. Geez, those poor mothers!

The heroine in first book in my current series, Love & Mayhem, also lacked a mother due to an early demise. And the hero’s mum was not exactly loving before she died.

Perhaps I do need counseling.

In the second book in the series, Love & Turmoil, my heroine is a mother and she has a good relationship with her own mother who is very much alive. Phew. It was the heroine’s husband I did away with.

My latest release, Love & Redemption, reverts to form, however, and my characters are orphans. Mary, my heroine, had a mum who wasn’t very nice, though, under the circumstances, her behaviour was almost understandable. I like to think that, had she lived, she would have come to terms with Mary’s lifestyle and would perhaps have offered help. Alas, we’ll never know because I caused her to die of a fever.

What does this analysis tell me? I’m almost afraid to ask! Heavens to betsy, I just realized the heroine’s mum in the first book in my next series ran away from home and is living with a toy-boy. And the hero’s mother – gulp – died when he was a young lad. The second book’s hero does have a living mother – phew. Perhaps there’s hope for me yet. One of these days I need to write a story in which my heroine is a mother, who has a living mother, and heck, maybe even a grandmother!

To the readers amongst you, are you drawn to stories with a particular family dynamic? I’d really like to know.

To the authors, do you have trouble keeping story-world family members alive? Or is it just me?

Title: Love & Redemption
Author: Luanna Stewart
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Release Date: April 1, 2019
Cover Designer: Debbie Taylor 
Genre: historical romance  
Pages: 330  

Mary Taylor abandoned her silk gowns and sparkling jewels when she quit her position as one of London’s highly prized courtesans. She’s determined to earn her living with a paintbrush rather than between the sheets. Starting fresh in a new country, she masquerades as a widow running a tearoom in Halifax while perfecting her art. But when she’s hired to finish the portrait of a handsome judge, she risks everything by surrendering to her lustful craving.

Finton Morash, youngest judge on the Queen’s bench, believes people are either good or bad. The dowdy widow painting his portrait is surely one of the former. After discovering the sensual beauty hiding beneath shapeless gowns, he wonders at her other secrets.

When whispers circulate about Mary’s nefarious past, she must find the courage to face the consequences. And Finton must decide whether love is worth the risk.

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Excerpt (PG)

“And your sisters?” She pressed close, his height and breadth making her feel like a delicate flower, treasured and cosseted. And wanted. She’d never been wanted before, not without money changing hands.

“Also on an errand followed by afternoon tea with the mayor’s wife.”

“Heavens, we seem to be alone in the house. Whatever shall we do?”

He lifted her from her feet and moved toward the sofa, his eyes black as coal. “I have an idea or two.”

Ah, yes, a delicate flower about to get well and truly plucked.

 Meet Luanna

Luanna Stewart has been creating adventures for her imaginary friends since childhood. As soon as she discovered her grandmother’s stash of romance novels, all plots had to lead to a happily-ever-after.

Luanna writes full time, concentrating on sexy romantic suspense, steamy paranormal romance, and spicy historical romance.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Luanna has recently returned to the land of her birth with her dear husband and two spoiled cats. When she’s not torturing her heroes and heroines, she’s in her kitchen baking something delicious.

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Love & Mayhem

Love & Turmoil

If Wishes Were Earls

Portrait of a Girl

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  1. What a coincidence. I just finished typing the final words of my WIP, from the antagonists’s POV. They’re awfully similar to Luanna’s backlist book: “He smiled as he drifted back to sleep, dreaming dreams of mayhem and love.”

  2. Nice post! As a writer, it’s always tempting to give a character some conflict or a wound by having a deceased mother, or having a difficult relationship with a mother.

  3. Love your post, Luanna…but ironing your napkins, tea towels, etc? say it isn’t so!
    Villa Grace

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