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Writing isn’t all about the story. That’s the easy (or should I say fun part). The thing is, if you plan to sell this story you have to find a market. I’m not talking about Wal-mart, the grocery store or other things that pop in your mind at the word (though Walmart would be awesome). Before the story is finished you have to create a buzz. Get people interested in it. Have people wanting to buy it. If they’ve never heard of the book or you, it stands to reason once the book goes to Amazon (or wherever) it will sit on the shelf ( sound the crickets).

From the day I decided to write seven years ago I was taught to create a platform. That is social media and like so many others I made author pages, my Facebook page, Blogs, groups, you name it I did it. I studied books about platforms, marketing, writing and where did that get me? I am not sure. I have learned a few things but where did the books go? All this platforming, social media, reading, studying, I had no time to write and when I did there became another issue I had to study on voice, etc that’s for another day.

After so much time I found some things work some don’t. It took me up until now to decide what kind of stories I enjoyed writing the most and who might read them. which brings me to finding a Market. It was much easier than I ever thought. After seven years of searching, doing figures, trying to decide… I simply reached inside myself. I am writing stories I like so why wouldn’t my reader be like me? So who is my target?

I think anyone in their Midlife ( say 40-60), possible stay at home mom, work part-time or retired, blue-collar. Someone that loves kids and animals, gardening or at least looking at or sitting in them, cooking and crafting and of course reading.

If you like quirky characters, sweet, sometimes a little spice, Older characters or an age-difference, Stories with animals, kids, lots of romance a touch of wit, small towns,river towns, country or farms and ranches, maybe even factory workers, shop keepers, crafters, and a happy ever after, my romances are for you… no matter your age ( since that is just a number -I may be 57 but I act more 12 LOl).

I also write Paranormal stories and the age may drop to a younger crowd since my characters are around mid twenties to mid thirties.. however don’t let that stop you! If you like Magic, vampires, shifters, things that howl or bump in the night, a touch of wit and sarcasm, want to escape from real life to fantasy I think you may enjoy these.

And for those of you, that like something a bit racier or just enjoy LGBTQ I am not leaving you out. I am going to be doing some MM as well. As a matter of fact, the story I am doing now has a sequel that is MMM.

It was my hope to have one of each of these out this year but illness and family have knocked me for a loop. I still hope to have at least something out. I have a paranormal I am working on to be in an anthology or possibly just release for Halloween. I may clean up my MM that was in a anthology last April and re-release it as well. My current WIP I plan to submit this year to a publisher and will know by end of year if they accept or decline then I will go from there on that.

You can follow my author Page

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If you like crafts I have a craft group

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I love pinterest but its mostly cooking crafting, gardening and some blogs i follow and my reviews..

So Are you my Target? What kind of books do you like?

11 thoughts on “Are you my Target? #marketing #writing #audience

  1. It sounds like you’ve been doing all the right things to get you started. Good luck with getting a book out this year. By the way, Cathy, Walmart now offers eBooks for sale via Kobo Books to read on the Kobo App. 🙂

    1. That is cool. I just downloaded the Kobo app on my phone, now I am not restricted to reading Kindle only. I haven’t read a book there yet so I don’t know how it compares but on book bub I have added a couple of free ones. I am considering a new tablet instead of Kindle since the apps work the same as the reading part of the Kindle. How does Walmart shopping work? online? Can anyone put a book there like you do on Amazon or only certain ones get their books there?

      1. The way Walmart works, is they send you to Kobo to purchase the book, so that’s why you need the Kobo tablet or app to read.

        As an author, you have to already have your books on Kobo then they become available to order from Walmart. I use Draft2Digital to get to Kobo, and my books are still available via Walmart via Kobo. I have seen readers post pictures of a card they purchase in-store for eBooks, but these have been for way big best selling authors. I’ll try to remember to look next time I go to Walmart to see if I can find these cards. I don’t know how the cards work though. I guess it is a gift card, but I’m not sure.

        This is what I got when I typed into search: Walmart eBooks

          1. That and they can say you can buy my book at Walmart. I’ll do it like you said I plan to use Draft to Digital if I can figure it out once the time comes.

  2. I may be your target in some areas, Cathy. Not so much with crafting and gardening, but I enjoy quirky characters and age-difference romance. My preference is for steamier stories–I like to share the full experience of falling in love. I’ll leave the whips and handcuffs to the kinksters, though. Not my cup of tea.

    1. I read some of the kinky stuff and I won’t say I won’t ever write the kinkier kind ( that seems to doom you into a lie) lol But I write what comes to me. My hope is to start some snippets soon. Maybe you will find them to your liking. I kinda read a very wide scale of books from super sweet to some dark.

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