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Last Sunday I made a ham for Easter. Though it was only ten pounds and we ate lots of it that day, there was a lot left over.

I made breakfast burritos one morning. I made 4 and put three in the freezer for breakfast another time.

One night for dinner we had a scramble (unreconstructed omelet) This is basically scrambled eggs…( I scrambled 4) I chopped up a few slices of ham, about a quarter cup onion, a few sweet peppers, and a few mushrooms. I sauteed all this in butter then added the egg coking until the consistency we like.

Tonight I am making a potato corn chowder and adding ham to it.

Another great recipe I love with ham is ham Croquettes. mom made these occasionally and I couldn’t wait every time we had ham to see if we would get this treat.

And whats a good ham for if you don’t use what you can and make some ham salad? I cut up about two cups of ham dice fine or give a quick pulse in the food processor ( careful not to grind it up) I add some onion and pickle to a food processor ( after removing ham) and a quick pulse. add the onion and pickle to the ham. Now finely dice two hard boiled eggs, add. Salt and pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, a touch of pickle juice than a tablespoon of mayo at a time until you get the consistency you want. For those of you who want measurements… this one is very similar to mine…

I saw this good lucking noodle and ham casserole I would like to try too.

Of course don’t throw out that bone! Toss it in a big pot and make beans! My ham-bone hear is gold. everyone knows when it is about done, bag it and toss in the freezer LOL


What all do you do with your ham?

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