In the Spotlight~Janet Lane Walters talking about Fyrestones and Dragons #fantasy #dragons

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Looks Like I’ll be talking about my latest release. The Children of Fyre, the final book in the Island of Fyre series. When I finished the third book in the series, I realized there had to be another one since those evil wizards though driven from the island still had their powers. Though at first, I thought I’d like to have the main characters from the other three books take part, I realized the logistics wouldn’t work. I put the idea aside for a time and went on to other works. I write a lot and in different kinds of stories in the romance genre. Then the idea came and I began planning. The first character to announce her presence was Cerene. She was a child of the wizards but as a yount woman, she had no value as other than a breeder. The wizards can only use the white fyrestones but Cerene has learned she can use the yellow, orange and red as well. She is determined to escape. Lorton came next. Of the children of his parents, he is the only one without a twin but he has a rapport with Dragon. Dragon receives a call and the pair undertake a journey to where the dragons reside. Riara is the daughter of the head priestess and priest of the Temple of Fyre. She is sent to investigate a gathering of crows on the seaside and finds a landing of wizards. Arkon is the son of High Peaks. His parents are dragon riders. So is his brother but no more dragons are expected to be hatched, so he must learn how to live without a dragon. The four of them come together, learn how to use the fyrestones and to raise four dragons, two red and two blue. Along with Dragon, they must confront the wizards and finally end their threat.

Children of Fyre
The Island of Fyre Book 4
Janet Lane Walters
Books We Love Publishing LTD
Release date March 20th 2019
Cover Artist  Michelle Lee

EXCERPT: The day the hunters returned, the keep’s kitchen bustled with activity. Roasts of deer and shoat hung on spits and were being turned by the guards. The slave women were sent to serve the men. Barrels of ale and spirits were unplugged. Cerene crept from the keep. Even the guards were gone from the gates. She gathered her packs and crept across the wharf to the ship. She used her yellow fyrestone to cast not light but shadows. As she staggered up the gangplank, she listened for the sound of guards. There were none. She hid most of the things she’d brought in the smallest of the lifeboats and crept down a ladder into an empty hold. As she drifted to sleep huddled beneath the stairs, her dream voice spoke. *Be at peace. You will find help and a way to safely leave the ship.*She pulled her cloak around her and slept.

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Meet Janet: Janet Lane Walters checking in. I’ve been a published author for 50years, though the writing, in the beginning, was rather a hobby while raising four children. During this time, I also received a BA in English and a BS in Nursing. My career began in earnest when I sold a book to Kensington and also discovered electronic publishing. There are more than 50 books, novellas, short stories, non-fiction books and poetry out there. I now write full time and enjoy the Hudson River town where I now live and also seeing my seven grandchildren. In my life, I’ve done many things such as composing music, doing needlework and casting horoscopes for fun and profit. I’ve been married to the same man for about 60 years. He’s a psychiatrist and has always said my obsession with writing is one thing he won’t try to cure. 

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