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I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Mine was rather quiet and bittersweet without my little Daenerys. I did get to face time with her for a few minutes though. Man, is she growing like a bad weed. I still had Drake and Kira though they are older we still had some fun. We never get to old for an Easter basket, thought the items that go in them change. Kira got nail polish, mascara, body spray and lotion in place of stuffed animals with her more grown up candies.

We have started gong to thee pool in the afternoons for exercise so I did Drake one of those popular shark baskets from pinterest and put some goggles, a water gun and some diving toys in it with his candy.

They were both happy. Saturday we all died eggs. ( yes this was more for me but its fun. I wanted to do golden eggs and also we did some regular bright colors. That rings us to this post.

What do you do with all those colored eggs? Throw them out? I hate wasting so we refrigerate ours. I don’t let them use them for hunting. We use plastic for that.

I made these cute deviled easter egg chicks to go with our Ham, green beans and potatoes. You just boil your eggs, mke the filling as you would your normal deviled eggs, but instead of slicing length wise cut them around the middle. You use one egg instead of halves. scoop your filling in the bottom top with a “hood” decorate with peppercorn or black olive eyes. ( you need to cut a small piece of the end to fatten it so it sits up on your dish and put lettuce around to help support them. For those of you that like exact recipes here is one,,,

The other day my sister and I was talking about pickled eggs and how they are so expensive so I decided to make a dozen of those out of the easter eggs as well. Here is the recipe I am using. I will let ya know ow they come out. They need to pickle for a week.

There are so many uses for boiled eggs. I usually boil a dozen every Sunday. My husband and I snack on them. I have egg salad for lunch. Sometimes I cut one up in a regular salad or add one to tuna or chicken salad.

Are you looking for snack or sandwich ideas but on a low carb or diabetic diet. Just need more protein after a workout? Try the egg salad, on a bib or butter lettuce leaf instead of bread. On celery instead of a cracker. Have you seen those new protein grab and go snacks? you get an egg an ounce of cheese and a small handful of nuts or nut and dried fruit mix. Make your own for less than the store bought. simply put the egg ( dry it off) a piece of cheese and your choice of nuts or nuts and dried fruit in a small container, stack in the fridge and grab and go.

Do you like boiled eggs? How is your favorite way to serve them?

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    • Pickled eggs are good. You can get them just dill or spicy. It’s one of those Movie house or pub foods they have to make you thirstier to by more drinks…Oops, I didn’t tell that trade secret LOL.

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