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Welcome to a writer’s life where I invite other authors to share with us writing tips, tricks, woes, and WIPs (Works in Progress). This week’s guest is Jisa Dean.

Hello Jisa, Can you believe it’s already April? The year seems to be flying by.

Jisa Dean: I have a kid about to start college in just two years so I am totally feeling time flying away. There are going to be some tears when that happens let me tell you. I already bought stock in Ben and Jerry’s in preparation for it.

Cat: Are you ready for Spring?

Jisa Dean: No, I’m never ready for anything. I procrastinate horribly.

Cat: Easter is coming. Will you celebrate?

Jisa Dean: We do celebrate. Having such a wide range of ages from four to sixteen we have to amp it up year after year so the big kids still get a kick out of it. We have money eggs and eggs with vouchers for clothes and movies that they go for every Easter.

Cat: This month I wanted to discuss things you have found helpful on your writing journey. Who is your target customer? For non-writer readers that is who will be most likely to buy our books.

Jisa Dean: I think I write for the ladies who don’t have a lot of time to read. I try to keep my stories short so they can be read in about an hour or two because I know what it is like to only have a small window of time just for yourself. I write for the PTO moms out there who may only get time in the pick-up line to really indulge in that fantasy world of passion and romance. And I like to think that I write for the lady who needs an escape from her reality for just a short time of their lives, the one’s taking care of ill children or spouses, the one’s who sit at the hospital bedside just wanting a bit of a break or something to get them through the next hard time. I really hope I write for these ladies because I’ve been those ladies in more than one capacity. It’s why I write and put myself out there when I am normally a shy person.

Cat: What is a problem that your target customer has?

Jisa Dean: I would say, again, time. But who isn’t that a problem for. If anyone’s got any good answers, please let me know. I really have to stream line my time and stick to the schedule. I home school two of my kids so I really have to make lists and check them twice so I know what hat to put on in what situation. Goodness knows I don’t want to say the word ‘cock’ to a kid’s, who are public schooled’s, principal.

Cat: Have you used any new tools or applications recently that have helped improve your workflow?

Jisa Dean: I love Autocrit. I think it has made me an overall better writer and its fun where some of the apps and stuff can be boring.

Cat: Have you figured out a way to save a few hours a week?

Jisa Dean: Keep things prioritized and let the little stuff go. If I don’t get to the laundry on the day it’s scheduled, it’s not going to kill anyone, but me missing a moment I can’t get back with my kids would break my heart.  In the big picture, house work just isn’t that important.

Cat: Do you try to accomplish any work while travelling?

Jisa Dean: I have to say no because I get horribly distracted. Though that’s not 100% true as I love to brainstorm ideas on long car rides. Some of my steamiest scenes have been hatched on the road.

Cat: Do you have an assistant or assistants? What do they do for you?

Jisa Dean: I work with my husband but I wouldn’t call him my assistant. He’s more my much put upon IT guy who knows how to make everything work. Especially after me – I tend to break things and nothing runs smoothly for me.

Cat: What helpful books have you read recently?

Jisa Dean: The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler. I love playing up archetypes and taking that well worn path that everyone must go on and throwing in a little love along the way. When I’m stuck, this is the book I go to for instant inspiration.

Cat: What helps you to be creative?

Jisa Dean:  Sex!!! My husband loves my career.

Cat:  Have you changed the way you work over the years? If so, how?

Jisa Dean:  Yes, I put in way more hours in my writing career than I thought I would when I first started.  At the same time, I write faster than I used to also. My first book took me years to complete and now I feel like I’m falling behind if I don’t write and finish a book in a month. I also think I’m not as intimidated by editing.

Cat: What book are you here to share with us today?

Title: Booked
Series: The Librarians Book 1 (I can’t wait to delve further into. Librarians are hella kinky.)
Jisa Dean
Genre: Erotic romance. I like things hot.
Pages: 105

Harmony Brooks is happy with her small town life as a librarian. Sure it’s lonely sometimes and the only thing she has to keep her warm at night are her book boyfriends but who could ask for more. Certainly not Harmony. She’s used to be left behind and everyone she loves dying on her. It is far better to shut one’s heart up than be known as the girl who everyone leaves. 

Mike Murphy is the opposite of Harmony in every way. He’s a cop who lives his life one case at a time. Too long undercover and too many questionable things in his past makes it hard for Mike to believe that a woman like Harmony could ever belong to someone like him. But it isn’t going to stop him from going after her. 

When their two worlds collide and Mike needs Harmony, will she finally let someone in or will she shut him out the way she shuts out everyone else in her life? Can Mike save Harmony when he is the one who brought the danger right to her front door? What happens after the case is over and it’s just the two of them? Mike’s life of constant danger could be the thing that changes Harmony from the girl always left behind to the one doing the leaving. 

Can a small town librarian be the answer to a sexy, alpha cop’s prayers? It can in Jisa’s world. Virgin librarians, hot alpha bad boys, and two best friends who have some hot chemistry themselves, this book is so steamy it will take the wrinkles right out of your shirt (if you’re wearing one). Booked is the first book in the Librarians series, mixing everyday women with extraordinary men in less than fantastic circumstances. And come on, who hasn’t had a hot librarian fantasy at least once. Or twice. Or more. This is a completely safe read with a happy ever after that was a long time cumming.


Meet Jisa Dean

Jisa Dean has been writing romance since she was four years old. The older she gets the dirtier the stories seem to get. But like a fine wine, she keeps getting better with age.

When she’s not making herself blush with the stuff she writes, she’s a mom and a wife, constantly wondering how to hide her alter ego and dirtier side from the PTO moms in the pickup line. She would love nothing more than to spread smut throughout the land – so come get smutty with her.

You can stalk Jisa Dean here:


Twitter: @DeanJisa

Lake House –

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Booked –

Coming Soon:

Down by the Lake

Blue Venus

Do you ever procrastinate? Do you have a tip on finding more time?

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