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Blue Plate Updates #blueplate #specials #brinner #meunuplaning

Everyone liked the blue plate specials so much I thought I would share some more with a little twist.

Pasta is always popular, easy to make and inexpensive. One night we had Chicken Alfredo. Instead of mixing it all up, I seasoned and baked the chicken, sliced it fanned it over the cooked pasta then poured the sauce over it. Add a salad or steamed broccoli and garlic bread or Italian bread to round out the meal.

Chicken is always popular for a blue plate special. Especially if you buy the thighs or legs. I have seen all the sticky chicken recipes but just haven’t tried them so last night I decided to try a honey garlic sesame recipe. I used this recipe. It was delicious. I used green onion not cilantro and added some lime juice but another wise I made as is and it was perfect…unless you want it spicier.

Burgers are popular and make a good lunch or dinner. Try something different instead of slapping it on a bun. Toast two Texas toasts. or an English muffin. or what I did and make it less carb by using a flour tortilla. spread your mayo or mustard, I added onion, avocado lettuce, put your cooked burger on it ( cheese if you want I left it off.) wrap to one side, toast each side in a hot skillet and enjoy. A little salsa is a great add on in place of mayo.

Blue plate specials don’t always mean dinner. sometimes for lunch, all you want is a salad. I’ve been craving spinach and apple salad with walnuts. I add a little red onion and honey mustard dressing and its delicious. It also makes a great side dish to round out a meal, like the chicken thighs above, the pasta, or pork chops.

Breakfast is always popular. Ask my son or grandkids what they want for dinner you get a unison BRINNER! Whether you serve it for breakfast lunch or dinner, eggs are a great source of protein, inexpensive and delicious. as well as versatile. I wanted an omelet last week so for brinner one night we had omelets as well as the usual biscuits and gravy. My daughter in law had a nifty little omelet machine so we tried that. I wasn’t impressed the texture was weird and it was fluffy and just didn’t taste like an omelet to me. Molly and Chloe love it enough to share. I had spinach, onion, peppers, and sausage in it.

What is your favorite blue plate specials? Have you tried updating some of the old ones?

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MFRW 52 week Blog challenge 2019




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