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This week was a quiet week. We didn’t do too many family meals. The hubby and I wasn’t feeling well with allergies, sinus and colds.

One night he had canned chili and I had canned ravioli(that last can is finally gone). Another he had grilled cheese and I had a couple leftover hand pies from our St. Patrick’s meal.

My mom used to stretch canned spinach with scrambled egg, so one night I coked us a pork chop, made two cans of spinach with egg (so I could have some for lunch the next day) and fried potatoes. To make the spinach with egg simply drain the spinach and squeeze dry. In a bowl scramble 4 eggs to two cans salt the egg, salt the spinach and pepper it it. melt a couple tablespoons of butter in a medium skillet scramble the egg, move the egg over and add the spinach. cook till hot mixing the cooked egg in well. Make sure the egg is cooked well and not wet or you get green goo.

I also made hot wings this week and simply served it with a boxed mac and cheese. To make my wings I get a bag of parts, rinse, salt and pepper them. In a flat bowl or plate put flour (about a cup to start), coat in flour-set on a plate while oil in a big pan heats. Then redip in the flour and fry until crisp. Mix a bottle of Franks red hot in a bowl with a tsp of brown sugar. Drain chicken on paper towel then dip in the sauce, put on a plate and eat up! sorry I forgot to take pictures.


The best meal of the week was Cajun 15 bean soup with smoked sausage, Mexican cornbread, and rice. I used my electic pressure cooker to make the beans. Simply 1 can of beef broth 2 cans of water beans, half the season packet. set to bean setting and prepare the cornbread. After the beans come to a natural release (about 15 minutes, open up, add a cut up smoked sausage and a can of undrained fire-roasted tomatoes. put the lid back on but don’t seal and let sit on stay warm until the cornbread is done. it takes about an hour plus 15 minutes sit time. The beans take about that start to finish.

I used this recipe for the cornbread but made a few changes. I used 2 cups of cornmeal, added a can of drained whole kernel corn and two chopped seeded fresh jalapenos.


Sunday Night I pulled a half of a frozen meatloaf I cooked a few weeks ago (again in the electric pressure cooker) out and heated in the oven, served with leftover beans and rice. Hubby didn’t want more of the beans though he loved them so I baked him a potato in 5 minutes in the microwave. So Sunday was a microwave night.

I don’t often cook in the microwave but I do use it to defrost almost all my meals. I cook boiled eggs in the electric pressure cooker n a weekly basis and we use in meals and snack or I eat for breakfast.

hopefully next week I will have some good recipes for ya.

Do you use some convenience foods frequently? Do you use appliance to make life easier?

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