Can’t Sing, Can’t dance, But I make the Grandies Laugh #untalented #boring #MFRWauthor

This week’s MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge week 11 topic is: Do you share or hide an odd, useless talent?

This will be a very short post for me. I can’t think of any talents at all, od or unusual even that I have.

I cannot sing or dance. I can no longer turn cartwheels or flips. The hula hoop no longer spins no matter how hard I try. Jumping rope? I use to love doing the double jumps and tricks now, no jumping allowed. I can’t even skip.

Is there anything I can do? I can make the grandkid’s laugh. When they are up dancing doing the whip and nay nay, twerking and all that weird stuff (whatever happened to the mashed potato and poney? Bus stop?), I get up alongside them and do my version. They fall in the floor laughing. I was even asked to do the birthday dance for my oldest granddaughters birthday and of course they all had to film me as I made a fool of myself LOl They promiced not to post and i didnt go viril so they mustve kept their word LOLMy youngest when she was here liked doing flips on the floor rolling about. I would get the pad out and roll with her. She laughed my daughter panicked and made me get up. Yeah, she is right, I am not supposed to be doing flips LOL.

This generation of kids are so serious. they never have fun. But for just a few minutes I give them a memory of their silly grandmother and a good laugh. This is something I inherited from my mom. I look bak now on the thngs she did that horrified and embarrassed me as a kid, or made me laugh as an adult and wish she was still here to make me laugh now. So I will make mine laugh as long as I can LOL

Do you have any odd or unusual talents?

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  1. It’s wonderful that you give your grandchildren the gift of joy and laughter. Perhaps they’ll be able to laugh at themselves.

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