Birthdays-Brinner and chocolate Cake #comfortfood #familygettogethers

Sunday March 3rd was my son’s 38th birthday. I can’t believe he is that old. Seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home. I was young and inexperience. Fun days. Now it wont be long I will be having his granddaughter to spoil too.

When they were young, we didn’t have the money to go out so they got to choose their favorite meal and we had a family party. Usually a friend or two as well. This is a practice I stole from my mom, though her reason was both my sister and I and my brother two when he was born all had birthdays in the winter. Back then mine and my brother’s were likely to have snow so we couldnt get out. It was kind of like being queen or king for the day. It is funny each of us pretty much chose the same thing every year, mine was ribs (of course a challenge for my dad to grill f it was freezing or snow on the ground but most of the time he pulled the charcoal grill on the carport or back porch and went at it. My Mom would spend the day making a Boston cream pie. My brother was always cowboy pie and grasshopper pie for dessert. My Sisters were a bit different. My middle sister since her’s was in November and we could get out sometimes wanted a shrimp box from the drive in. Not often we got takeout and that was so special. I was 21 one the youngest sister was born so I really didn’t know what her birthdays were for a long time. I lived out of state until she was older.

My daughter always requested home made eggrolls and Chinese dinner. Nope no boxed or take in. I made it from scratch ( my Sister in law and mom requested this in the later years too.)

Back to my son. He usually requests brinner. What is brinner you may ask? It is breakfast for dinner. It could be many things but my son always wants sausage, biscuits, gravy,eggs and fried potatoes.

He wanted chocolate cake for dessert so I made this yummy Texas sheet-cake.

If you need a recipe for gravy Here is a good one though I hardly use a recipe anymore.

My son likes the big fluffy canned biscuits I like the frozen ones in a bag. I always have a bag on hand so I can pull out one or two and bake for my breakfast. but if you want to go homemade…

How do you celebrate birthdays in your family? Do you have a favorite birthday meal or cake?

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