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Hi Ya’ll. Can you believe February is almost over and spring is coming fast? Though I bet a lot of you are ready for warmer weather.

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Today’s guest is Misty Harvey.

Hello Misty. Are you glad warmer weather is coming soon or is it still bad where you live?

Misty: Hello, Cat. Thank you for allowing me to visit your blog and your readers. Our winter has been a little hit or miss here in Utah. We have had a few good snowstorms, but for the most part it has been windy and rainy. All in all, though, I actually like winter. I think the snow is beautiful and I don’t mind the cold so much.

Cat: Did you celebrate Valentine’s day?

Misty: The hubby man and I went out on a date for Valentine’s day. He kept everything secret until the day of, which is some of my favorite times. It has taught me to let go of my need to control everything, that is for sure. Honestly, I really do enjoy that.

Cat: Are you excited about your new release? The Opseti Guard is different from your previous books isn’t it?

Misty: I’m absolutely thrilled to be releasing The Opseti Guard to the readers. It has been a long time coming. The original concept for this fantasy came to me many years ago. I didn’t start working on it until early last year, but then I shelved it when I wasn’t sure I could handle a fantasy. In August I decided to jump and see where I went. It has been an incredible journey.

Fantasy was something I’ve always loved between the games I play, the movies I watch and the books I read. It was in my wheelhouse of interests, but I never thought I would write it. However, I am so glad that I took it on. It is so incredibly different from the psychological thriller/horrors I’ve written in the past.

Cat: Do you like writing in this genre better than the horror?

Misty: I wouldn’t say I like writing in it better. Simply that I enjoy the fact that it is so different. It allows me a chance to stretch my wings. I’m one of those that I don’t think will ever write in one solo genre for the rest of my career, but fantasy is one I will revisit many times.

Cat: This is a series isn’t it? Can you tell us a little about the series and how you came up with it? I love dragons.

Misty: Opseti Guard is the first novel in a nine-book series titled Treaty of Dragons. I have toyed with the idea for a long time, so I can’t recall the original idea that brought it all up to me as the first time I attempted to write it we just weren’t ready for each other. I wasn’t a strong enough author and the story just wasn’t formed enough in my mind. So, I shelved it for a few years and during that time it changed and evolved into the Treaty of Dragons Series that it is now.

This series follows a group of people known as The Opseti Guard, there mission is to heal the wounds between humans and dragons in order to save them all from returning to the days of the Dragon Wars. Along the way they learn about friendship, love, and their own strengths. They are forced to not only work as a team but rely on one another.

Cat: Tell us about your book

Welcome to Thantyr

As the southernmost region of Nebeth, Thantyr is known for being the home of the dragon council themselves. The Treaty of Dragons series follows a group called The Opseti Guard through their journey to renew the bonds between dragons and humans a like.

In the first installment to the nine-book series you see not only the fall of the beloved dragon council, but the creation of The Opseti Guard themselves. You are taken on a journey of friendship and defining adventures. They learn not only to work as a team, but how what their own strengths are. You will see how they grow through the hardships that they face as well.

So, with that in mind, welcome to Thantyr. May you always find joy in the journey, even when it is hard.

The first novel along this journey is, The Opseti Guard

Title: The Opseti Guard
Series: Treaty of Dragons
Author: Misty Harvey
Date of release: February 28th, 2019
Genre: YA Fantasy
Cover artist: Shannon Nemechek@ Nemo Designs.
Editor: Tricia Drammeh @ Triciadrammeh.com
Map Designer: Ellie Mack @ quotidiandose.wordpress.com

The Treaty of Dragons is in danger.

Dragon after dragon are showing up in the infirmary injured to the point of near death. Their supposed valiant riders are claiming it as nothing more than battle wounds. During a time when Thantyr seems at peace, this draws more than a little attention. Especially, when a healer named Renna Alder can connect to the dragons on a deeper level. She sees flashes and bits of what they’ve been through and it sends her into a rage.

No longer able to sit by idly and accept that all they can do is fight to keep the dragons alive, she disguises herself as a transfer student named Elas. Under this pretext she joins the dragon rider school to investigate what really is happening to these dragons. However, what she discovers is something far darker and more sinister then she ever could imagine. Can Renna find a way to save the dragons before she falls to a similar fate? Or has she discovered more than she can handle?

Meet Misty:

Misty Harvey loves writing spine-tingling horror or dark fantasy novels sure to thrill readers. The psychology behind such tales has always been a fascination for her since she was younger. Even to the point that she once contemplated taking up psychology as a profession. Still, her love resides in the art of storytelling. An art she wishes to continue to share with readers for the rest of her days. 

After climbing out of her writing cave and searching the house for the sound of the latest creak or pop, Misty can be found doing one of many things. Often, she spends the remainder of her day with her amazingly supportive husband and youngest daughter. While she has two older children that are out there spreading their wings around the world, including giving her a few grandchildren. 

Her favorite things to do when not writing are crafts, wrestling with her dog, avoiding her cat’s bite or generally making her husband and daughter crazy. Often, she can be found creating vivid tales with her daughter about whatever mundane thing happened in their day and turning it into a crazy story. She is also an avid gamer, crochet goddess (we shall pretend there), domestic queen, and animal tamer (it’s a work in progress). 

You can stalk Misty here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/misty.harvey1

Twitter: @AuthorMDHarvey

WWW: Mistyharvey.com

Instagram: @authormdharvey

Other Books Sold by Misty:

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A Flashy and Frosty Christmas Charity Anthology

Psychological Thriller/Horror:

Malevolent Mind

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