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The other night my hubby and I were talking about saving money and having to get back on budget. We live on a fixed income and shop primarily once a month. We set back a small amount for extra produce and fruits and other perishables towards the end of the month. I try to keep a variety of meats in my freezer so I can make both simple, quick meals or more complicated gourmet meals during the month. Lately I have been leaning on comfort, either quick meals or slow cooked, so I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Today I want to talk about a versatile cut of meat, the Chuck Roast. I try to shop when meats are on sale so I pick up a couple when I catch them more reasonably priced. I paid around 3.98 a pound for this 4.7 pound one. Yes, this ran around $18.00 but I got one large family meal out of it plus two for just my husband and myself. so Broke down I fed seven of us a sit-down dinner of slow-cooked roast with buttered noodles, Brussels sprouts, salad, and cornbread, then my husband and I two more meals. That isn’t too bad. To make this I salted, peppered, put italian seasoning on, dredged in flour and browned both sides to seal in the juices.

I put a can of french onion soup in the crock-pot and turned on low. then added the roast. I cooked on low about 4 hours, then high for about 2. It was pretty tender so I turned it back on low until about thirty minutes before dinner and put to warm.

Saturday I cut off a slice off the top for my husband and me to have country steak later this week. I will simply salt and pepper, dredge in flour, panfry on each side (takes about ten minutes) serve with potatoes, gravy, biscuits and a veggie.

I cut a chunk I sliced thinly for us to have ginger beef and broccoli. I will marinade this in a mixture of soy and ginger for aout 30 minutes or overnight in the fridge, then stir-fry, add some broccoli florets and serve with rice. another quick meal.

There are many more ways to cook a chuck roast. Sometimes I use mushroom soup instead of french onion or Rotel tomatoes instead of the soup. You can cube it for stew or soup, slice in strips for fajitas. I keep some cut in the freezer for these meals. I usually buy two when I can and cut one into strips and chunks. You can even bag them up like a meal prep.

Here are a bunch of good recipes.

You can use leftover cooked roast to make hash-browns or cowboy pie. these are only a few ways to use it.

For Hash browns I shred the left over, get a skillet nice and hot with just a little oil , pour in a bag of hash browns or O’Brien cut potatoes. You can add onions and chopped peppers if you like. Be sure to salt and peppr now. I also add some garlic powder. Stir in the shredded meat. Now let it cook until the bottom is brown, flip and cook until this side is brown and done.

For Cowboy pie, this is simply using leftovers. My mom shredded the leftover roast added any leftover veggies such as the carrots from the roast, peas, corn, green beans. If you don’t have any a can or two of mixed veggies works fine, or any mix of veggies you like. she adds the leftover gravy or broth from the meat, covered it with leftover mashed potatoes and baked. The last 10 minutes sprinkle shredded cheese over it. This is my brother and son’s favorite meal (though they prefer it with ground beef)

I hope you found a few good recipes, or got the idea cutting up a roast to use for other meals. How do you use Chuck roast?

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