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Welcome back to week 8 – MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge Participants #MFRWAuthor week 8. I missed last week. I had been out of town getting my cat fixed, got stuck at hubby’s MIl’s because of flooding and being to sick to travel, then got home just in time to clean house, plan and do my granddaughter’s gender reveal party. It was a big success. See my post here  If you’d like to see the goodies and gender of my first great-grandie.

This week’s topic is What music if any, do you prefer to write by? This is a hard one for me since I listen to all kinds. I kind of listen to music that sets the mood of the story. I am writing a new one that is untitled at the time and in the planning stages. This one the background music is mostly od country and some newer country. This one was based on this song. I’ve Already Loved You in My Mind. I heard this and got tons of plot bunnies so I am sure there will be a few books based on this.

In my current WIP Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats I have a bit of everything from country to 80’s and classic ballgame songs. this had to be on the playlist.

In all of my Paranormal stories I use the same play list. I have lots of older music, 80’s and 90’s and November rain and Demons are on top of the list. sometimes I listen to these on loop.

What songs are on your playlists? Lets go see what is on the other author’s lists!P

Click here to view this Linky Tools list…

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  1. It sounds like you had a busy week last week. I generally listen to one kind of music for pleasure but use a variety for writing to set a scene in my mind.. Then, for a while, I absorb myself in the genre of music I am using for the book.

  2. Theory of a Deadman is a good one to listen to, nice rockin’ beat and some explicit lyrics to get the blood pumping.

  3. Sounds like you’ve had quite the busy week. Congratulations on your new family member! I can’t do music with lyrics while I write, though I have had fun researching the music my current characters would listen to. I put out feelers on social media and learned about several punk-ish bands popular today. Great music for running or cleaning, but not for writing.

  4. Although growing up I heard little ‘highbrow’ music, when I hit high school I played an instrument, as many of us did, which introduced me to one of the deepest loves of my life: the symphony orchestra. I love love love the colors and personalities of the various instruments, especially when cunningly developed by history’s towering geniuses.

    So for me, my first love is classical music. I enjoy most other types of music when I hear them (except rap); I just don’t seek them out.

    When writing, I find that vocal music of any genre — any language, even — can clash with the words I’m typing or thinking. Right there, that eliminates the vast majority of popular music, and a lot of classical, too. Anything with a steady, vigorous beat works well for writing. Haydn symphonies are perhaps the best. He isn’t ‘romantic’ but for me the driving beat is more important than the mood.

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