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Menu planning Monday~Gender Reveal Party #famlyfun #partytime #awriterslife

Hi ya’ll! Today’s menu Monday is going to be quite different. Last week I was out of town all week at my Mother-in-law’s and we went out most of the time to eat. so I don’t have any recipes or photos to share. But yesterday we had a gender reveal party for my granddaughter and I thought I would share photos and a few fun ideas with you. Here Kira is at 5 months.

I cannot believe I am going to be a great grandma. We spent all day Saturday cleaning house and preparing for yesterday’s party. I am compulsive so I like to set up ahead of time to make sure I have room and all the ingredients. Plus I have memory issues so I would forget everything we discussed by the next day so we get out all the bowls and dishes, arrange them on my buffet table with notes of what will go where on what dish. the refrigerated things we just put notes.

On the menu were deviled egg babies, little smokies two ways, Rotel dip, and chips.

A fruit tray and veggie tray with fruit dip and ranch dip. I ended up making chocolate dipped strawberries too.

We had pink and blue punch.

Two cheesecakes with blueberry and strawberry topping in bowls beside it sat beside a cake with the color of gender under black frosting with Boy or Girl written on top.

Boil 2 dozen eggs ( I use my insta pot for this) cool and cut in half, One side a bit smaller than the other cut the smaller side in half to make hoods

2/3 cup mayonnaise or miracle whip, a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, 1 tsp hot sauce optional,
mix the egg yolk, mayonnaise, mustard, and hot sauce as you normally make your deviled eggs. salt and pepper to taste

2 hot dogs cut into 24 thin rounds,
48 sprinkles (I used green and no you don’t taste them), paprika optional)

Fill the deepest egg half with a spoonful of yolk mixture pushing some up on the wide end to hold up the hood section ( this takes practice. Put the sprinkles n the hot dog and lay the head on the deviled egg under the hood. That’s it. cute as can be.

For the games, we let the guest paint on onesies for the mother to be and played name the baby using the letters from the mom and dads name. We had a poster board saying Wheels or Heels and let the guests sign in on that under the gender they guessed and pink and blue ribbons for them to wear.

Karson ( the baby’s dad) does a shirt to reveal her.
Nana (Kira’s mom’s tribute)
Kira’s onsie for her first daughter

We let the Paternal grandmother-to-be cut the cake to see the gender since she didn’t already know.

The party was a big hit, though exhausting. everyone had fun and I am sure it is a day Kira will always remember. Now I have to plan a baby shower LOL!

Have you ever done a gender reveal? How did you reveal your loved one? Pictures welcome!

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