Love is going to the dogs…the parrots, the turtle, and the cats~By Jean Joachim

On Valentine’s Day, men and women go overboard trying to impress each other with gifts, candy, and flowers. But what about your pets? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your furry or feathered friends?

How about a treat for your parrot? He talks to you, and walks with you from room to room.

Make his day with a few nibbles, right from your hand.

Do you have reptile friends looking for love on Valentine’s Day? I hear they like apples. But don’t forget to cut it up.

Maybe a thin slice of carrot would work better?

Cats are easy. They don’t even need the present, just the box alone will create tons of playtime.

Unless you have a spoiled cat…is there any other kind? He or she might want the gift that came in the box, plus the container! A disappointed cat is enough to break your heart. Looks like she’s asking, “Where’s my gift?”

Dogs have so many ways of saying “I love you”

Some even bring flowers…and go all out to impress you.

Other dogs show their love by letting you dress them up. They don’t mind looking silly, if it makes you happy. Pugs lead the way for dogs who allow you to gussy them up for a holiday. It’s one way they show their love. Or maybe, they really like it?

Anyone who knows me, knows my mania for pugs. I’m a true pugaholic. I’m so crazy about them, that I wrote a whole contemporary, big city romance series with pugs in the supporting cast. It’s called “The Manhattan Dinner Club.” Each heroine owns at least one pug. And each hero loves the dog almost as much as he loves the canine’s mistress. Here’s a bit about it:

Four women, six pugs, laughter, mayhem, steamy love scenes, tears, and twists you’ll never see coming will keep you on the edge of your seat, turning the pages. You’ll fall in love with the ladies of the Manhattan Dinner Club, their men –and, especially, their pugs! 

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Jean Joachim is an award-winning, USA Today best-selling romance author whose books have hit the Amazon Top 100 list in the U.S. and abroad since 2012. She writes sports romance, small town romance, big city romance, and romantic suspense.

Jean has over 47 books in ebook, print and audio. She writes fulltime, never far from her secret stash of black licorice. An avid bird and dog fan, she has a fondness for chickadees and pugs. A music lover, especially classical, she’s married, has two grown sons and lives in New York City. She’d love to hear from you, email her at:

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