Love Smells Like Pasta and Chocolate #valentinesday #cookingathome #onthemenu

Since this is Valentine’s week I decided to do things a bit different. Instead of what we had last week ( I didn’t cook much) I decided to post a couple different Ideas for Valentine’s Day meals at home.

Menu one is for the family. All of my grand-kids and my son love lasagna. I leave that to him or a big box of Stouffers and a salad. But spaghetti is a simple fix and easy to adjust for a small family or large. You can even make it gluten-free. Several of the new products on the market are quite good and I have used them and no one’s been the wiser. You can just boil a box of spaghetti noodles drain put in a bowl, bake a bag of meatballs, and cook a jar or can of sauce. That’s a good, fast way to do it. Add some garlic bread, a salad and you are good to go. if you have more time put your crockpot to use try this one. or a nice baked Ziti for a change Again add a salad maybe steamed broccoli garlic bread and you have a nice meal. And I like serving red for Valentine’s Theme. For desrt make a heart shape cake either strawberry (my grandkids favorite) or Red velvet. If you don’t have a heart shaped pan make them in round pans cut in half then form a heart Like this.. white frosting tinted red or strawberry frosting is festive then if you want add some conversation hearst for flare.

If it is just you and hubby you can go more romantic. Make T-bone or Rib-eye steaks, bake potatoes and a salad. Or Salmon, baked potato and a salad. Or surf and turf..Ribeye or fillet with tilapia or shrimp. Just google up a simple recipe. Has a great recipe for a complete dinner and I love this site!

Here is a great looking surf and turf meal for two


For desert how about a simple Texas sheet cake ( my favorite)

A lava cake is easier than you think, add a scoop of good vanilla bean ice-cream two spoons and you have a restaurant worthy, sexy dessert. I love the Pioneer woman recipes...

Or a devil’s food or milk chocolate from a box if time is short.

As you see, a romantic, or fun Valentine’s dinner is easy and quick. So stay home this year, save some money, and enjoy!

Are you going out this year or cooking at home? What do you plan on cooking?

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