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Hi Ya’ll. Can you believe it is already February?

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Today’s guest is Viviana MacKade.

Hello Viviana. How is the weather where you are?

Vivi: I live in South Florida, we can’t wait for winter…  and considering what almost the whole US is going through with this polar vortex, I probably should stop talking right here.

Cat: I like winter, though it has been pretty rough for the mid-south it is nothing others have had so I too will shut up LOL.

Cat: Valentine’s day is fast approaching. Do you celebrate?

Vivi: No, sorry. I’ve got nothing against Valentine’s day, but personally, I don’t like it. It doesn’t feel… honest, like you must do something, so you do it. But I do enjoy all the extra chocolate around.

Cat: I totally agree. You shouldn’t have to have a day to say I love you. But yay on the chocolate day after sales!

Cat: What has been your favorite valentine’s gift?

Vivi: My husband and I have been together since I was 19, which is almost 20 years ago. I’ve never cared for the day, and he’s always known it. So, no gifts, really.

Cat: Tell us about your book

Title: Crescent Creek Collection

It contains the three books that make Crescent Creek Series: All Those Miles I Walked; Painted Love; His Midnight Sun

Author name: Viviana MacKade

Date of release February 14th

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Blurb: Crescent Creek Collection, by Viviana
PRESALE DEAL – 3 stories, 0.99 cents until release day February 14th.
From the cold Canadian border, the US1 runs along the east coast with patience. Southbound, always south, until it reaches the Sunshine State.
Not the fastest way, sure, but if you have time to drive it all the way down, you might find yourself lost in one of the coastal towns that dot the US1 like little jewels.
Maybe that town’s name is Crescent Creek.
These are the stories of its people.


Meet Viviana

Beach bum and country music addicted, Viviana lives in a small Floridian town with her husband and her son, her die-hard fans and personal cheer squad. She spends her days between typing on her beloved keyboard, playing in the pool with her boy, and eating whatever her husband puts on her plate (the guy is that good, and she really loves eating). Besides beaching, she enjoys long walks, horse-riding, hiking, and pretty much whatever she can do outside with her family.

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