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First, Third, Past, Present, Choices, Choices! #MFRWauthor, #POV #Preferences

Welcome to Week 6 – MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge. This week’s topic is Point of View: Choices and Preferences. It’s funny this is the topic as my close friend, my Alpha reader and I was just discussing this earlier this week. I had yet another meltdown she had to talk me off the ledge once again. She needs an award for dealing with me. Anyhow, I was working on my WIP and found a major issue, where we had taken a scene out and further down in another chapter that particular scene again showed up in the love interests view. I write in the first person. It is what comes naturally. I tried switching to Third but my story fell flat. I also write in split views. what is that? It is where both the MC and her love interest or the Antagonist have their own separate views. I split mine into scene changes or chapters. but in this story, as I read, The male person’s view seemed dull and repetitive. I am on a deadline and behind and I had a meltdown. I decided to just quit. Toss this story in the DNF file. But then i decided to pull it out give it a read and decided to try One view. Just the MC. I did three chapters sent to my Alpha and she likes this better. She says i have it now. It has taken lots of blood, swet and tears on this but I am happy now.

What does this have to do with the topic? I prefer first person, both in reading and writing. I read a lot of third person but I love first much better. But, In reviews and groups, it seems Third is a favorite though first is becoming more popular. In the book I had in an anthology the only lower reviews was mostly because of the first person present tense.

Why do I prefer first person? To me it brings the characters to life. They are speaking directly to you, telling their story where as in third its like watching a movie…someone else telling it. Third is easier to write becasue you can show things more than in first. Showing can get dicy.

Point of view is a personal preference. Which do you prefer? Do you read any first person? ( I hope so because I sure would love you to read my book when it comes out!)

Let’s go see what the other authors think about Point of View.

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8 thoughts on “First, Third, Past, Present, Choices, Choices! #MFRWauthor, #POV #Preferences

  1. First person POV, including alternating first person POV, does indeed allow for a deeply intimate connection between reader and character(s).

    1. Exactly. Though I did learn from my short story in the anthology that the worst part was present tense. If it hadn’t been for the few that didn’t care for the first person I would have had perfect reviews for my first book LOL I never take off in reviews because a book is written in third or even Omni when it’s not my favorite view. I did choose to read it from the blurb and knew upfront ( though in my case in an anthology there was different views and no real blurb for my story alone.

  2. I prefer to write in deep POV third person, and I like reading third person. As you stated, I, too, recently heard that first person is becoming more popular. I read a fantastic NA book in first person, and at first, I didn’t pay attention to the POV because it was that good. This is yet another week I skipped in the blog challenge. Hang in there with your WIP, Cathy.

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MFRW 52 week Blog challenge 2019

MFRW 52 week Blog challenge 2019




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