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This week’s topic on the 52-week MFRW blog challenge is how a book can influence daily life.

A book can influence us in many ways whether it be self-help, non fiction, documentaries or fiction. At the first of the year so many of us set new goals or resolutions. They range from getting fit, eating healthy, managing our money, making schedules, organizing our homes and lives. There are many books out there that help us do just that. I know i usually end up buying cookbooks or the newest craze in dieting. (I bet I have a million on Keto and Paleo). This year I am looking seriously at Whole Thirty (Yes I have some of those books as well.) I will be blogging more about that on my Monday menu posts.

I also buy a lot of books on writing. I just bought the newest Emotion Thesaurus this time in paperback.

I believe books can help you fine tune and enhance your craft. But you can rely on too much and use them as a crutch. I finally cut back on how many I read.

Tips on organization can come in handy, now only if I can just let go of some of my stuff!

How does fiction, especially romance influence your life? It can give you an escape from the doldrums of real life. It can give you hope that there is love after 30, 40, 50 or even older. If nothing else it gives you a few hours of enjoyment.

How do books influence your life?

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13 responses to “My Life by the Book #MFRWauthor #influence #dreams”

  1. I wouldn’t have thought about books on organization for schedules, etc., but they do have an influence in our busy lives if they help us. I love the Emotion Thesaurus. I have that one and three or four (or more) by those authors.

  2. Don’t knock those few hours of enjoyment. Sometimes they’re the only escape we have.

    • I love my reading time! I am reclusive so it is my only escape. though I am working on being less reclusive step by little step. I may melt in the sunlight LOL

  3. I’ve loved escaping into fictional stories ever since learning to read! As a shy introvert who was often the butt of jokes in elementary school, those fictional friends were often the only ones I had:)

    • I can relate to that! I oo was one of those that were bullied or made fun of so I stayed in the library all I could! Books were an escape in more ways than one LOL

  4. I also love the Emotional Thesaurus. In addition to that one, I love two other thesaurus volumes aimed at romance Writers:,Thinking Like a Romance Writer: The Sensual Writer’s Sourcebooks of Words and Phrases, and Naughty Words for Nice Writers: A Romance Novel Thesauraus. I’ve just counted my shelves of writing craft books–48! That’s an area where I’m an unrepentant hoarder.

  5. The Emotion THesaurus is a *great* book. I keep it beside me as I write to find ways to make my characters come alive, rather than saying, she was happy, he was angry, etc.

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