What if time and money weren’t an issue? #MFRWauthor #perfectworld #lifeinacamper

Welcome to week four of the MFRW 52-week challenge. Last year I had to drop out because of family issues and time constraints. this year I am already three weeks behind. I am also three weeks behind on my first ever writing deadline and it’s going slower than molasses in winter.

So this weeks topic is perfect. What if time and money weren’t an issue? That’s easy. I wouldn’t be behind in anything.

If money wasn’t an issue I hope that means for anyone. Then there would be no hunger or homeless. Everyone would have what there need so hopefully there would be less greed, theft, murder. The world would be perfect.

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On a personal front. I would buy a camper. Not an expensive RV. I’d still want a modest pull behind the vehicle kind with room enough for 6 or 8 people in case I want to bring the grand-kids. I would pack up the cats and dog and travel for a year. I loved camping as a kid and admired those that stayed on site for months at a time. I would love to that. I would have time to write in nature, and get inspiration for more stories.

I would get out three contemporary romance, One MM and one paranormal a year and get my paranormal series that was my first foray into writing out and into the world. I would hike and enjoy nature.

What would you do if time and money weren’t an issue?

5 responses to “What if time and money weren’t an issue? #MFRWauthor #perfectworld #lifeinacamper”

  1. I love that you thought of everyone to have access to food and shelter. Camping is fun. Writing in nature could be inspirational. Glad to see you in the challenge. I missed this week. Happy Writing.

  2. That sounds like an amazing thing. I would love for everyone to have the things that they need and honestly, the camper thing…sign me up. A mobile writers retreat for me. I can handle that.

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