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Today in the spotlight is a dear friend of mine, Ellie Mack to tell us how she celebrated New Year’s Day, what goals she set for 2019 and about her new release Break Line.

Hello Ellie.

Hello everyone! First off Thank you Cathy,  for holding a spot open for me. I greatly appreciate it! My New Year’s Day celebration wasn’t much to talk about,  I was sick. The biggest aaccomplishment for the day is we took down our Christmas tree, and I made us pork chops, greens, and some black eyed peas for New Year’s dinner. I was still feeling the effects of the flu, so I mostly watched them eat.

As to 2019 goals however, I have made some lofty goals, well lofty for me.

1. Publish 5 books – Break Line was released January 2nd, so we are off to a good start!

2. Finish writing 8 books.

3. Finish a complete series.

4. Sell 2000 books.

5. Write 500,000 words this year.

6. Earn $2500 in a month in book sales.

7. Attend 3 author events.

8. Get 100 reviews.

9. Publish 150 Blog posts.

10. Set up my author website.

and non writing related goals are:

1. Lose 35 pounds this year.

2. Get my home in order, decluttered and organized.

3. Save $2000.00 by December.

4. Read 2 Books per month.

5. Get a new job  – I lost my job December 14th.

The next step is to make a Vision BOard to post  in a visible spot to keep me on track!

In case you didn’t know,  I am a goal setter.  I have to set goals for myself or I seem to wander aimlessly. These should keep me out of trouble and focused on what I should be doing! Let’s hope so anyway, right?

I’m so excited to share about Break LIne! Which released on my birthday by the way!

Titles: Break Line
stand-alone novella
Author name: Ellie Mack
Publisher name: L. McAtee Marketing
Date of release January 2, 2019
Genre: Romance, contemporary women’s literature
Pages: 108
Cover Artist Shannon Nemecheck

Former marine Nathan Fletcher had to get away. Everything was crumbling under the constant pressures of coping with PTSD and he had to regain control. 
When opportunity knocked to relocate to paradise, he couldn’t pass it up. He had it all – paradise, family, and the career of his dreams. Nathan even had the best therapy in the world, the ocean. His life was perfect.
Tragedy strikes, taking more than his leg with it. His confidence is shattered leaving fear in its place. If it weren’t for his cousin and new best friend, he might give in to the demons of his past and present. 
Fate seems to be mocking the once cocky marine when a petite Hawaiian beauty becomes his physical therapist. She pushes all his buttons ten ways to Sunday! Nathan is torn between irritation with Kini Okana and his desires for her.
Can Kai and Kini help him overcome the trauma that has turned his world upside down or will Nathan let the tragedy rob him of his future dreams?

You can buy it on Amazon:
 **Will be available on Kindle Unlimited. 

4 Meows 3 purrs

Nathan is an ex-marine, found out his wife was cheating, is divorced and getting his children and moving to Hawaii for his dream job and lots of surfing.
His dreams are smashed quickly when a terrible accident happens.
Break Line is a very emotional story. There are many amazing characters. I loved the setting and the vocabulary that made the story feel like you were in Hawaii. I loved the slang and the index at the front that told you the meaning of the words so as you read you understood it quite well.
My heart went out to Nathan. I absolutely loved his cousin though.
There is so much going on with the story. His previous PSTD, the divorce, the accident, and the romance. My biggest caveat was that the romance doesn’t take place until after 60 percent and felt rushed to me. I would have loved this book to have been longer and more told about how he got PTSD and more about the divorce and how he wound up in Hawaii.
Having said that, this book is definitely very heart-wrenching, action-packed and draws you in from the beginning. 

Contemporary romance author, Ellie Mack, is a former columnist outside of St. Louis, Missouri where she resides with her husband and daughters. Her works have earned her nominations in the Indie community for best debut romance and best ugly cry in 2017. Recently, she has “dipped her quill” into the realm of Norse mythology with her title The Awakening.

As a breast cancer survivor, Ellie encourages others with the diagnosis to keep fighting and to always have hope.

“If there’s life, there is hope.” -Stephen Hawking

Ellie has also won both the Liebster and WordPress blog awards for her blog Quotidiandose. When she’s not working on her next book, Ellie enjoys journaling, crocheting, and practicing her skills in the kitchen.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” -Vivian Greene

You can stalk Ellie here:






Ellie’s back-list:

Red Wine & Roses – contemporary romance m/f

Quotidiandose: 30 Days of Sass – nonfiction, humor

Roxy Sings the Blues – contemporary romance m/f

Tempting Fate Anthology

The Awakening: Book 1 of the Valkyrie’s Curse series

A Flashy & Frosty Christmas anthology

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