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What am I hiding behind that curtain? Wanna see? Give me a sec, let me get a muse to help me pull it open! 

Darkest Death book 2, Darkest Series
Leona Bushman
Release date March 31, 2019
Published by Leona Bushman
Genre, Victorian Romance


Hi!! So the time has finally come that the sequel to Darkest Valentine is making its way into the world! Darkest Summer will follow this year as well! You can preorder your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/Darkest-Death-Leona-Bushman-ebook/dp/B07MDV3T6J

Darkest Valentine is 99 cents until the 9th.

In Darkest Valentine, Lillian had a friend who kept threatening to take over everything until I told her story. So I promised her her own story, and she has been patiently waiting. Until now!B

Sarah, Countess of York and decrier of false men of the ton, enjoyed a good flirt, but she had her heart set on Lord Archer. Only, for the past four years, he barely acknowledged her existence except as best friend to his sister Hermione. Sarah had hopes that he began to see her as something more, but then the threatening notes started.

Lord Archer also happens to be in the vicinity as each one is delivered. She hates the suspicions rolling around in her mind. However, Father taught her how to watch for treachery, and she couldn’t ignore the logic or the coincidence of Lord Archer’s presence, nor could she deny the pain in her heart at the thought.

Lord Archer had loved Sarah all her life, but once her parents died, he’d taken a step back, searching for a wife amongst the ton as a proper lord should, leaving her to heal. Instead, he found himself drawn more and more to Sarah as she matured into the perfect woman to be by his side. However, could she handle the secret life he led? Did she know about her father’s secret life?

But none of that mattered once she started receiving those damn letters. Someone was out to hurt the woman he loved and set him up to take the fall, and he planned to catch them or die trying. Could he also woo her and remind her of the love and trust of their childhood? Or would the situation keep them apart, or worse, kill the woman he wanted to marry?

Don’t forget, Darkest Valentine, the first book in the series is now on sale through January the 9th for only 99 cents, free on KU. Also available in print!

Darkest Death:


Leona Bushman is a USA Today best selling author. She is a crazy writer taught by dragons and known as Dragon Queen of the North. She loves to write and paint, even when her muse tries to muck things up. She chases after the three out of the five children still at home, and sometimes after the other two and the grandbaby. She has many hobbies like SCA, quilting, sewing, and gardening. Or, as one blogger succinctly put it, Leona Bushman is a whirlwind made of sheer will with a dash of clumsy to keep her grounded.

She can be found solving mysteries, exploring space, making art, and loving dragons and other creatures of the supernatural at these places: 

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Thank you for stopping in by to check out the cover reveal! Do you like Victorian Romance? If so, check this out!

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  1. I have added Leona’s books to my TBR and put one on Kindle. They sound scrumptious. Congratulations to her– great covers, too. Cathy, I am sorry to have been missing in action and not visiting in a while. I have been dealing with computer woes and family sickness. I love your blog and hated to miss it.

    • Thank you so much! I am glad you like Leonas books! I read a few ( both War of the Weres and Midwife’s moon and loved those) I bought the war of the Weres Chronicals while they were on sale too lol.
      I am sorry a out your health and computer. I had family issues, computer issues and health issues too and just bouncing back so you didnt miss mucch lol!

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