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Hi, Ya’ll! Welcome back to In The Spotlight where each week we meet a new author, find out something about them and about their books. This week I have Christina Lynn Lambert with her new release wolf’s Challenge. Hello Christina!

                                                                                                                                                             Peaks of Otter Mountain in Virginia.

Autumn in Virginia is the time for breaking out scarves and jackets. I enjoy driving around different areas of Virginia in the cooler weather to see how the leaves have changed from their summer green to shades of yellow, orange, and red. I usually stop along the way and scope out a new restaurant or look for a mountain trail to hike. Finding these new places has led to some fun traditions.

I’ve never seen anything quite like the view from the top of Peaks of Otter Mountain. Pools of water collect in rock crevices in the mountain and determined greenery snakes up through the rocks.  Picking apples with my family at Carter Mountain is one of my favorite autumn traditions. We take a hayride to the orchard then walk around and pick enough apples to fill our bags. Next, we head to the apple donut stand to buy these amazing, freshly baked apple donuts sprinkled with cinnamon. We eat our donuts and enjoy the view of the city far below the mountaintop.

Scary movies and Halloween celebrations are a must in my house. I recently saw The Shining and Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the first time and was properly awed and freaked out. During Thanksgiving, I try to focus on everything good in my life and to remember how short life really is.

One of my favorite recipes comes straight from Betty Crocker’s New Cookbook (1996 edition). You can find it on Amazon or in most bookstores, is this amazing Applesauce Cake. It is on page 80

You can frost it with (maple-nut buttercream, cream cheese, or whatever you wish. I also leave out the raisins.


 Book title: Wolf’s Challenge

Series: Stranger Creatures book 1

Author: Christina Lynn Lambert

Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company


Re-release date: November 2, 2018

Pages: 192

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat level: High


When Sydney left Seattle two years ago, she was scared, traumatized, and done with men for good. Now she has a good job, a hobby that’s fast becoming a second career, and best of all, she’s adopted a little girl named Angel. Life is good and Sydney’s not about to let charming lawyer Derrick mess that up, no matter how sexy he is, or how sweet he seems.

Things aren’t always as they appear in the town of Great Oaks, Virginia. Derrick isn’t the ladies’ man Sydney thinks he is, but he does have a few secrets, such as the ability to transform into a powerful wolf at will.

Can Derrick convince Sydney to give him a chance, something more than her elusive maybe? More importantly, should he? He’s still trying to forgive himself for being at the wheel during the accident that killed his son. Losing Sydney when she learns the truth might break him, but he’s pretty sure not having her in his life would be just as bad.

A troubled woman running from her guilty conscience has Sydney and Derrick in her crosshairs, and she’ll do whatever it takes to win her game. Will Sydney and Derrick survive long enough to be together

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Meet Christina Lynn Lambert

A few years ago, I read my first romance novel and I was hooked, so much so that I decided to give the idea of writing a story a chance.  My style is more gritty than sweet and I look forward to writing many more stories with strong heroines and imperfect but determined characters. Love, courage, hope, and second chances are a few of my favorite themes. When I’m not writing, I enjoy spending time outside and finding ways to avoid cooking. I live in beautiful Virginia with my husband, two daughters, and a sweet, hairy monster of a dog.

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This book sounds so good! I have to put it on my TBR list. The cake recipe sounds good too. I will have to try it with some Maple cream frosting. Do you have an apple cake recipe you love?