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Hi, ya’ll.  I am finally back after a long hiatus Its been a rough year with family issues and personal illness, but I am finally trying to get back in the saddle. I will be starting slowly with only a couple posts a week.

This week I would like to introduce a wonderful friend and USA Today Best-Selling Author Leona Bushman.

For those of you that love Steam Punk, it’s your lucky day. Today is release day of

Penny Wise Steampunk (Train Coach of Death #1)

Penny Wise is tired of having her every move monitored by the king and queen and their guards, especially when there was only one who turned all her knobs.

But running away when you are a princess of the realm proves harder than she likes, especially when the only person to hold your heart or obedience is the one to find you.

Can she convince her parents to allow her to have the one she loves, or will they force her to marry for duty?

39 pages


Book two  The Shot is also available

The Shot (Traincoach of Death serial Book 2) by [Bushman, Leona]
Forced to endure yet another matchmaking scheme from her father, Victoria plans to spend the traincoach ride avoiding both of them. That plan changes when she meets the charming William Powell.

However, things are not as they seem. William is more than a businessman, and her father has more than a business trip in mind.

While on a traincoach trip to evaluate the track lines and different traincoach stations, Victoria and William endure unsettling times and don’t know where to turn when things turn ugly. They need to find out who is trying to kill Victoria.

William has secrets, secrets that can both help and hinder the investigations. Can the high king bail him out, or would he be left hanging to deal with Victoria’s family alone? The only thing he cared about was protecting Victoria and convincing her he wasn’t one of her father’s tools.

Can he do it in time?

This story is part of a planned serial in an alternative steampunked universe

92 pages
Meet Leona

USA Today bestselling author Leona Bushman is a crazy writer taught by dragons and known as Dragon Queen of the North. She loves to write and paint, even when her muse tries to muck things up. She chases after the three out of the five children still at home, and sometimes after the other two and the grandbaby around her freelance editing jobs. She has many hobbies like SCA, painting, quilting, sewing, and gardening. Or, as one blogger succinctly put it, Leona Bushman is a whirlwind made of sheer will with a dash of clumsy to keep her grounded.

She can be found solving mysteries, exploring space, making art, and loving dragons and other creatures of the supernatural at these places:

Twitter: @L_Bushman


Facebook artist page:


Blog: and


I frequently post under the hashtags #thenextleonardodavinci and #thenextleonardodavinciandson

More books by Leona


The Ulfric’s Mate (War of the Weres series)

The Midwife’s Moon (War of the Weres series)

Bearly There (War of the Weres Chronicles)

Fox in the Wolf Den (War of the Weres Chronicles)

Pirating Christmas

The Shot (Traincoach of Death series)

Luck of the Draw

Winds of Fire (Eagle Claw series)

Murder by Succubus

Magic and Weres (anthology)

Masked Pain

Over a Dead Body

Slow Fever

Darkest Death (Darkest Series)


Also available by Leona Bushman

writing as LJ Bushman (non romance):

Demons and Wraiths

Death’s Car

The Fight of the Sorceress

Zombie Infestation

Cerisa’s Quest

Coming soon

In for a Penny (Traincoach of Death series)

A Hunter, a Witch, and a Shrew (October 16th)

Darkest Death, Darkest Series

The Panther’s Hunter (War of the Weres series)

Evil in the highlands

Do you like SteamPunk? What draws you to this genre?


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  1. Welcome back, Cathy! I have missed your blog terribly and hope you are doing better. Kudos to Leona for this wonderful sounding book. I have great admiration for steampunk authors.

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