Supplement Sunday – EstroBlock

Supplement Sunday!

Hey guys!  Cat’s Daughter, Margo here with an interesting product I tried recently.  I like to try supplements for various ailments so products like these grab my attention.  Some of them seem to have no effects on me and some actually surprise me with effectiveness.


This is my review for EstroBlock Triple Strength. This is an all natural supplement that is supposed to balance your estrogen levels and keep you from overproduction of it. The makers taut many benefits of this product such as added comfort for women suffering menopause, clearing of hormonal cystic acne(which is what grabbed my attention), helping men with prostate issues and helping basically anyone who has issues that stem from overproduction of estrogen.

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Well, I have endometriosis and sometimes hormonal acne so I was excited to try it! Birth control is supposed to help with both of these conditions but never worked for me. I felt effects within a few days. I got my monthly visit without the accompanying breakout, my mood swings stayed in check and I just felt overall more balanced. Out of all the various supplements I take for one reason or another, Estroblock with its natural ingredients and evening primrose oil(which is the only thing I found to help a painful fibrous breast condition) are probably my favorites. I can’t speak for those suffering through menopause, though. I didn’t suffer any side effects from this product and it seemed to make my endometriosis more bearable.

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The one drawback for me is the price tag. Almost $30 for a one month supply is kind of steep but if you can afford it and you are really bothered by unbalanced estrogen levels I would recommend buying a bottle and just try it for one month and see what it does for you.

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That is all for this episode of Supplement Sunday.  What are your favorite supplements?  What do you take them for?

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