This -N- That Thursday

Hello, This is Margo again for another This & That Thursday.  It has been a while but we have a few products we got to try and here is our feedback.


First we have a kind of unique concept for a knee brace called an Itbandz.

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I think the Itbandz knee brace band is a really good concept. It is more simple than a knee sleeve. I find that while wearing the itbandz it really does keep pain under wraps, so i give it 4 stars for functionality and support. My only complaint is that it being a band you strap under your knee, it doesn’t always hold in place. I may not be wearing it correctly so I will try to tighten it more. As of right now, I like my knee sleeve just a tad better because it stays where I want it. Maybe practice makes perfect?
Please excuse my child’s mess in the background. I will clean it soon ?
Learn more here



Now we have a mini fog machine for Halloween and all your other fog related needs



I can’t really say much about this gadget, though.  I wasn’t told by the seller that I needed to purchase fog fluid separately, and the machine didn’t come with any.  So I haven’t got to see if it works.  The machine seems to be very good quality made and strong enough to take some dinks.  I just can’t speak on its functionality.  When I get some fog fluid I will update.
Oh well, if you want to learn more here’s the amazon page link!


And finally we have a protein shaker bottle!

Mom(Cat) got this protein shaker and she said she put soy milk, yogurt, peanut butter and a scoop of protein powder in this particular photo.  She said if you stir it with a spoon before closing it and shaking it with the shaker ball then it mixes better.  It doesn’t blend perfectly with just the shaker ball shaking the bottle.  It does chill from the cold milk and stainless steel and she likes it.

If you want to learn more here’s the amazon link



That is it for this week.  How do you make your protein shakes?  What gadget or supplement or trick do you use for joint pain?  Have you ever used a fog machine?  Sound off in the comments below and thank you for reading my thoughts on these items.  Next blog I write is going to be a real treat because I will be giving skincare tips on how I got over my problem skin!

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