What should I choose~Maybe a little of each? #tapas #cincodemayo #good

I love celebrating and creating theme meals for holidays and special occasions. As a single mom with no expendable cash I had to come up with creative ways to make things fun for the kids and so they wouldn’t feel like they had nothing.

First of all, What is Cinco De Mayo? Here is a little of the history.

Even though we have no Mexican or Hispanic blood, Cinco De Mayo was one of my kid’s favorite meal celebrations. Of course, to them it meant tacos, burritos or even a tamales once in a while I would do enchiladas but usually if given the choice it was tacos.

Now that they are grown and have tried other foods they like seeing what I come up with.Since Cinco De Mayo isn’t until Saturday I am undecided but here are a few things I am thinking about.

Sopas (little corn tortilla puffs you can fill with meat/beans and other goodies.)

Taco Pizza cups

I was thinking Taco bar style. Sitting out these plus hard shells and soft shells with all the condiments like meats, refried beans, Rice, sour cream, lettuce, guacamole etc and let everyone choose their own vessel. This way we can have a salad or one of the other options and put what we like in it and other things on the side like the beans and rice.

Another option I was leaning on is one of my favorites.. Green Chicken enchiladas  These are awesome alone or served with Refried Beans or Mexican red rice  Here is a good recipe ( gotta sneak in a vegetable somehow right?) Or Yellow rice ( one of my favorites)

And another of my favorites is Most of the recipes I have found for this are with chorizo. I am not a fan of Chorizo and I don’t like rice in mine either so here is how I make mine

4 Pablanos (or one for each person)

1 pound of Ground Beef or you can use sausage or a combination…I go ground beef.  you could get 6 peppers  out of a pound if need

If your family eats onions 1/4 cup finely diced ( I substitute two tablespoons of onion flakes

I packet Taco seasoning

1/4 cup water.

or topping

1 tub of white queso cheese melted

8 oz shredded cheddar

optional sour cream,  taco sauce, guacamole

or make a Mexican salad to go with it using finely shredded lettuce guacamole and sour cream

Brown meat and make like you would for tacos.

preheat oven to 350. While meat browns slice lengthwise down the pepper and remove seeds (or cut in half. Divide meat among peppers or halves and arrange in baking dish.put 1/4 cup of water in the bottom of the dish and cover with foil. Bake about an hour until peppers are tender.

I like to serve with the white cheese drizzled over but you can let each person put their own on.

So I have given you lots of main course options. Choose one or two or all of them and make it a tapas! Wats a tapas? where you have lots of little dishes to choose from or sort of our buffet.

Whats for dessert? I have never made a Mexican dessert but I found this Pastel de Tres Leches cake that sounds to die for.  Or Churros.

And don’t forget the Margaritas or Sangria!

Do you make a Cinco De Mayo Meal or go out? What is your favorite dish?

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  1. Cathy, Apologies for my lateness. I just found a way to get to your blog easily. I have been having trouble finding it. I used to link to it from my blog, but the links went away with an update.

    Anyway, my favorite of all the delicious treats you mentioned– refried beans. I think it’s because I love beans over cornbread and beans and rice. Honestly, everything here sounds good.

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