Peace, love and socks!


Hey it’s Cat’s daughter, Margo (or Margaret as she calls me, I really don’t mind either way)  I have a great product to review here today.

If anybody knows me, they know how passionate I am about yoga.  It is the best form of self love and self care I have ever found that helps me inside and out. I want to get certified to teach classes.  I’ve been doing it since July 2015 and did it daily for most of that time, although I have fallen off the wagon recently with some major changes to my life.  Although I don’t do it as frequently, I still practice mindfulness and meditation each day and squeeze in yoga when and where I can.

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Since I am so into these things, I have various accessories relating to them.  I have a meditation stool, a yoga trapeze, wrist braces and all sorts of things.  You don’t NEED all this fancy stuff to practice yoga and mindfulness, and in my early days all I had was a mat, block and strap(but you can get by with a towel, book and belt).  It’s just that over time I wanted to try out some neat things to enhance my experience.  Today we are going to look at some yoga socks.

Recently, I got these comfy yoga themed socks to review. They are so freaking adorable. They are as thick as normal socks, maybe slightly thicker. These socks are soft and comfortable and I love the flowers and mandalas on them. I also love the cute messages on the bottom of the feet, “inhale, exhale” on the blue pair and ” namaste ” on the black pair.  The bottom o them are non slip, therefore making it easier to do yoga in socks.  I would highly recommend these socks to anyone who loves to practice mindfulness or just needs a little reminder to breathe.

Have you tried yoga? If not, what are your favorite ways to quiet your mind?  Sound off in the comments below!

I will see you in the next review! Namastè!

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