Focus…Oh look SHINY #focus #schedules #distraction


In lieu of so much a writer has to do, it is so easy to get distracted.

Not only do we have to write a story, research for it, rewrite, self-edit, edit, search for venues, get a cover, find editors, beta readers, reviewers we have to have a strong social media platform. That means getting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, set up groups, interact with other authors and people who will be potential readers.  I don’t know about you, but I get on Facebook I get lost for hours. I have no clue how to schedule posts ahead or find the best posts to share. I just read and read.

The same for Pinterest. I get on there you may as well forget about me. I love looking at recipes, crafts, and other things. I mean who doesn’t love cute babies or funny animals.  Twitter. I haven’t figured out so I can tweet and retweet pretty quick but as far as interactions I am not so great.

Blogging is another thing. I used to love it now I dread it. It is hard for me to come up with interesting informative posts. I think I finally have figured out the types of posts I plan to make so now just getting it done.

I need to get back on a schedule. when I was on one I did so much better at getting things done.

The most important thing is the story and its sitting being neglected.  So I hope this week to get back on schedule and write at least two hours a day. That’s a start.

Do you chase shinies? Or do you have a tried and true way to stay focused?  Feel free to share!

Remember if you can dream it.. you can do it.


4 responses to “Focus…Oh look SHINY #focus #schedules #distraction”

  1. Try to focus on one or two social medias. Grow your readership there first.otherwise you spread yourself so thin that nobody is really getting much attention. At least, that is my thoughts. It might help, anyway. You can always spread out further later.

    • Yeah that is good advice. I have a strong facebook I just have to learn to not get sucked in and set a time limit on it. Twitter I am not the best at but have a fairly good retweet people if that makes sense lol. I don’t spend much time chatting there. I want to try Instagram and have my account up but not sure how to go about that one. I found using my phone notifications helps keep me from getting too sucked in. I check it a couple times a day.

  2. You forgot the ‘shiny’ of visiting someone else’s blog. My only tried and true method to avoid distraction is to work at a coffee shop or, better yet, the library. Note, however, that I’m currently at home and NOT writing!

    • We don’t have a coffee shop but I haven’t thought of trying the library. I have the other blogs I visit in a folder on Gmail and that is my evening reward. I do it after dinnertime in my downtime so I don’t count them as shiny lol.

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