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Last week my friend was roasting turkey. I got to craving some myself. I buy a couple turkeys when they are on sale around holidays, keep one whole and cut up the others into parts and freeze.

I had some thighs and legs in the freezer and decided this would make a great Instant pot post.

I decided to do them like a roast to seal in flavor and get a little color on them I dredged them in flour and browned them off before putting in my pressure cooker. I highly suggest you don’t skip this step as it made them look appealing and brown.


Pressure Cooker Turkey

2 Turkey legs or thighs or a breast. ( any combination ) I cooked two thighs and two legs.


salt/ pepper/ poultry seasoning

1 can of chicken broth

1 sliced onion

oil for browning.


Wash and pat dry the meat season with salt and pepper.

In a shallow dish or large zipper bag mix flour with seasoning. Add the meat dredge well and add to a skillet with heated oil to brown. brown all sides well.

You can brown in the instant pot on sauté but I could only fit one piece loosely at a time so I used a large skillet and browned them all at once. This saves time.

Add onions and broth to the instant pot. I put the thighs directly in the broth, added my steam rack and placed the legs on that.

Seal pot. use manual and cook for 45 minutes. Let steam release naturally for 15 or 20 minutes,  (this is where I began cooking the side dishes).

Finish off releasing steam. Remove and let rest on serving platter or if you want crispy skin,  broil a few minutes.

Mine was tender juicy and delicious and done in under an hour.  You can thicken and make gravy from the broth if you wish.

Take advantage of sales now on turkeys, cut them up and freeze them so you will have them in the summer where they are harder to come by or more expensive offseason.

Do you like turkey? Do you have any favorite turkey recipes or tips?

Remember if you can dream it >>>you can do it.

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  1. Wow! Sounds delicious! The pictures are great. We, too, love turkey year round and I buy extra when they’re cheaper. I keep reading these Instant Pot recipes. Looks like I’m gonna have to get one! lol

    • That’s awesome. I thought about it a year and talked to lots of friends before buying mine and it’s worth it. Mine is Go a Wise 6 quart I have a friend got the power pot from Walmart Mart

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