My new Paradise. #MFRWauthor #creativelicense #anislandofmyown

Hi all, it is already March and week 9 in the 52week marketing for romance writers blog challenge. 

When I first saw this weeks topic my first thought was…I will skip it.  The topic is What would you invent if you were on deserted Island.  I am no inventor and have no clue what I would invent. I have no technical skills and the best I can do is hammer a nail or screw in a screw. As far as designing and inventing something…nope.

But then I thought, Hamm, I am a writer and write fiction. I bend reality. I am going to invent my Own Paradice. So Here is my story. I am on a yacht alone to get away from the grind.  The yacht is fully stocked with months worth of food and other necessary items and my kindle is fully charged. I also have several portable batteries fully charged and of course, the yacht has docks as well.

A storm suddenly brews and the winds cause the boat to crash into a deserted Island. Luckily I am safe. My captain of the boat (What you thought I was driving it? Nope I have a hunky captain.) We work together finding a dry spot off the shore. we find a cavern that is deserted and take out clothes and food there. The front of the boat is busted so it will take a while to repair if my captain can find the proper materials.  In the meantime, we have cooking supplies, food and he is able to fish and find a small game for us to eat as well.  We end up building us a little home, my captain takes the parts from the motor and other parts making us a small windmill that uses water to make our electricity. ( don’t laugh… I told you I am not an inventor and am a fiction writer LOL)

SO we invented a home on an island all alone away from the daily grind where I can write and watch my hunky man build and forage for us.   He was able to get the communications working but in the meantime, we decided to stay there and live peacefully and call in for supplies or have a boat come get us if I needed to go use wifi.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It’s no great invention but If I had to invent something and had the know how it would be to get WiFi on my little island.

What would you invent if you were stranded on an Island?  Let’s go see what the other Bloggers would invent.



6 responses to “My new Paradise. #MFRWauthor #creativelicense #anislandofmyown”

  1. I have two questions for you:
    1 – Are you stuck there for the rest of your life?
    2 – Have you nicknamed your captain “Friday?”

    • Nope, not stuck Ed. Staying by choice with my Captain. I haven’t gotten as far as naming him. ( I guess I missed the relation to the Friday thing

  2. I love how you created your own paradise through the most powerful thing you have– your words and imagination. I’m glad you have a hunky captain to manage the practical, hands on necessities.

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