Today’s Guest Writer, My Daughter! #healthywiser #health

Today’s Guest Writer, My Daughter! #healthywiser #health


Hello! I am Margo and I asked my mom to borrow her blog to write a little blurb about a few products I have gotten to try recently!  I am not affiliated with the companies, just providing honest feedback and social mentions after getting to try the products at a discount or for free.  I only try products I truly think are relevant to me, and I think they are relevant to my followers and my mom’s readers as well.  Here are the first two of many exciting products I plan to supplement my mom’s blog with.   Sooo here we go!


A lot of people would agree that nasal strips are the best and easiest drug-free way to open up their sinuses, but dang if they aren’t expensive! The most popular brand of them cost like 7 dollars for a measly 10-14. That’s too much if you need to use them frequently.

Healthy Wiser has a big box stuffed with 50 nasal strips for the cost of 20-28 of the popular brand. They stick just as well and work the exact same. That’s almost 2 month’s worth in one box — a much smarter investment to those of us affected by troubled sinuses.

This company is so wholesome and caring about comfortable sleep that they surprised me with 4 earplugs, right in the box! I had to laugh because it was unexpected, but a welcome surprise.

You can get your own here for 25% off using the code IMHEALTHY7 at checkout to sweeten the deal even more!
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disclaimer: I’m not a salesman, just a happy customer leaving feedback and social mentions! The company was nice enough to give me a code to give to mine and my mom’s followers.

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These are the most convenient alkaline drops you can add to water, tea, coffee or juice. It is full of antioxidents and Healthy Wiser alkaline water drops promote better health and strength in bones. It also helps to detox/cleanse and supports healthy weight loss.  I put 6 drops in my tea and couldn’t taste a difference in my tea! It asted amazing and I felt great while drinking it. If anybody has ever been curious about alkaline water I say this is a great, convenent and long lasting way to do it. I still have most in my bottle and I add drops to my tea through out the day.  25% OFF coupon: IMHEALTHY7
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disclaimer: I’m not a salesperson, just a customer! The company was nice enough to give me a code to give to mine and my mom’s followers.


What are your favorite drug-free ways to help with sinuses and allergies?  How important is pH balance to you?  Do you also love to try and review products and provide feedback?  Sound off in the comments below!

5 responses to “Today’s Guest Writer, My Daughter! #healthywiser #health”

    • My daughter gets boxes of free samples daily lol.. I don’t have the patience she has filling all the forms and doing the reviews lol.

  1. My all-time favorite way to keep my sinuses in check is my nettie pot. Before nettie pots became regularly available to rinse out the sinsuses with salt water and a dash of baking soda, I used to use a regular cup, but the nettie pots are much more efficient.

    And Cathy, congratulations on sharing the blog with your daughter. One of my sons has done a couple of posts on my website, and it made me feel very proud.

    • Thank you Ed, I am so proud of her. It is cool to share. I got my hubby one of those pots. He had tried so many methods but had trouble. Maybe I need to do a review on those lol.

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