Zip…It’s Gone, Now I Wait. #submission #amwriting #amblogging

It’s been a long couple months, busy though. I love the holidays but I am glad they are finally over and life can get back to normal, or normal for now. during the holidays I was also working on a super secret project. Now I can say a little bit. It was an opportunity for a short MM story in an anthology sponsored by a few already established authors to help unknown authors get their foot in the door. I worked and worked (Thanks Flossie for commenting one day on my ice storm post that it was story-worthy since that is my setting.) My Alpha and I worked and worked. I read it through on Saturday and that was the first time I actually read one of my stories complete. ( still unedited) I pushed the submit button yesterday. now I wait to hear back. Last night I opened the story on my Kindle and gasped at how nice it looked. My Alpha did an amazing job formatting it and it looked so professional. (yes, I read it again to see how it felt reading it on my kindle. It was pretty cool) Happy Dance time!

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So What’s next? Back on cleaning up and self-editing Baseball Bats and Cowboy hats. I am trying to stay on top of social media and not get too caught back up in it.  And I am looking at different publishing houses to decide if I want to submit this one or self-publish it.  It is a series of both MF and MM stories and that makes it difficult for me to find a place to submit it.


Do you read both MM and MF stories? do you like diversity in characters or are you a one genre reader?


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  1. Cathy, thanks for remembering how I loved that icy experience you described. I can’t wait to read the story you created using it as a backdrop. I am thrilled for you. Best wishes for splendid success with it! I do read both types of books you mentioned, though more MF than MM.

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